The Halloween Capital of the World!

Mommy and I went to Minnesota for the weekend! The weekend started with her picking me up from school early. I got out of nap time! Then we went to the airport.

We arrived in Minneapolis at dinner time. We went to the Mall of America (MoA) for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Mommy and I collect pins. After dinner we went to the amusement park there (Nickelodeon Universe). It was a special "black out" night for Halloween time at Nick Universe. They dimmed the lights and put out blacklights so things would glow. My favorite ride was the Wonder Pets one. We also went to the Lego Store and they had a shockingly huge helicopter made of legos!

On Saturday morning, Mommy woke us up early. She had a Halloween 5K in St. Paul. We almost missed it because a road was closed on the route and we had to take a much longer route. Mommy didn't seem to mind, but I was cranky because it was cold! The race went along a river and we got to see the St. Paul skyline. I sat in the stroller while Mommy did all the work.

Then we went to the Minnesota Children's Museum. Finally, it was time for play and being warm. I enjoyed the face painting station and the play factory. 

After that we drove to see the famous Cherry Spoon Bridge sculpture. By that time we were really hungry. We met Mommy's pen pal of 20 years, Elysia, at a train-themed pizza place. The pizza was really good. Mommy's had sauerkraut and ham on it. Mommy was nervous because her cell phone battery was running low and she needed it for navigation. So she turned it off to save the battery. The bummer of that was we missed out on pictures.

Now our party of 3 headed for Anoka, the crown jewel of our trip. Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the World. There we met Elysia's husband, Shaun, for a bit, but he had to go to work. Shame, because he missed the parade! Down Main Street went a light up parade for Halloween. It was really cool. There were food trucks. I got a hot dog and Mommy got cheese curds. After the parade there was a bonfire and the Ghostbusters showed up!

I forgot to say, Mommy was able to get us Anoka Halloween t-shirts and buttons so she was quite happy.

After the parade, we drove back to our hotel near MoA.

On Sunday morning we went back to Anoka. This time we got a picture of the sign at the city limits and Mommy got a Halloween Day of the Dead costume. Anoka looked very different in the day. We had lunch at a Truffles bakery place. Then we drove back to MoA. Elysia met us there. We went to the Sea Life Aquarium. It was fun. I enjoyed seeing many of the creatures I had seen on the Octonauts.

After the aquarium and seeing some stores, we headed back to the airport and flew home.

It was fun! I liked having all of Mommy's attention while Trent and Daddy were back home.

Trent was too scared to pose in front of the Frankenstein at school.

Hard Rock!

Alden's favorite ride.

Race line up.

Alden whined about taking this picture because it was too cold.
The boss at the Children's Museum.

Face paint fun.

Art walk.

Hurray for Anoka!