One Less Pair of Underwear

I have two blankies that I really like. Both are crocheted. One is yellow and the other is green. I sleep with them. One usually comes to school with me. I drag them around the house. I pretend they are scarves. I also like to sleep with Puppy, a doggie Beanie Baby I took from a dog (who lived in Daddy's SF apartment). Elmo and Cookie Monster usually sleep with me too. Yes, I'm still in my crib. No, I don't crawl out on my own yet. I wait until someone comes to get me.

Mommy has really been into her fish lately. On Friday we went to Petsmart to get some fish supplies. While we were in line to pay, Alden started yelling "I need to poop!" and "I'm pooping right now!" Mommy left her stuff at the checkout, grabbed him, and grabbed my hand. She pulled us to the restroom. The whole time Alden was yelling and Mommy kept telling him to keep it down.

Mommy doesn't carry spare clothes for us anymore so Alden had to wear one of my diapers home. He whined about it being uncomfortable. I have no idea what he's talking about. Mommy did complete her transaction.

This weekend we saw "Big Hero 6" and "Paddington." Paddington was too scary. The bad guy was too mean.

Alden is doing some basic math worksheets. I can count to 6, sing the ABC song, and I know many of my colors.

When I see letters on stuff, I say there's an "ABCD."

Trent sometimes still sleeps bum-up baby style.

Alden's math worksheet for Mommy.

Spiderman likes messy oatmeal too.

Too many paper towels.

Guess who was in here!

Bubble, bubble toil and trouble!