Academic Matters

Mommy went to see Alden's teacher last week for a conference. Miss Christin gave him a rave review. He listens well, stays put during nap time even though he doesn't sleep, plays well with others, and is showing progress in pre-reading. His growth opportunity is writing.

Alden's classroom has a behavior chart and Alden typically ends the day on the highest rank, the Smiley. They collect Smiley points for prizes. Alden is tied with another classmate for the most Smilies.

Alden is practicing writing. He can write "Alden" by himself and can write "Stafford" if he can look at it already printed.

I am messing with Mommy and Daddy's minds. My daily reports show I eat my veggies at school. However, no parent has witnessed this. Truth?

On Saturday  Mommy and Daddy took Alden to Blue Man Group. I heard they had fun. I got to veg out and watch some Octonauts at home.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl. We were too busy running back downtown to retrieve an Epi-Pen left at an eat place.

Green blankie ghost.

Yellow blankie makes a great scarf.

Trent's favorite shoes.

Alden's math worksheet.

Behavior award chart.

Y writing day.
Veggie mystery.