A Regular Summer Weekend

We had a regular summer weekend. On Friday Mommy treated us to CiCi's Pizza. She does that when she's too lazy to cook and wants to do something that will make us really happy.

On Saturday we tried a place called Scratch. Mommy and Daddy have a map of Durham restaurants from the newspaper that they are using as a check list to eat their way through Durham. Mommy said it was urgent to get to Scratch because she read they are closing to become a food truck. Daddy wasn't that into it, but Mommy thought it was really good. Across the street there was some construction going on. Trent loved watching it. I was bored but that kid would have stayed there for hours.

Then we went to the science museum. For the first time, Mommy and Daddy sat in front of us on the train and Trent and I sat together.

Today we organized our playroom and went to the pool...oh, and grocery shopped. Mommy retired the baby monitor from Trent's room now that he's in his bigger boy bed.

I have homework now.

Saturday afternoon construction watching fun.

Kindergarten homework.

We don't need this anymore.

Two dudes on a train.