Halloween Season Begins!

On Friday we traveled to a suburb of Charlotte. Mommy was registered for a 5K which started early in the morning. Alden and I enjoyed watching cartoons in the car on the way there.

We slept in while Mommy ran her race. She came back with a pumpkin (she had to run with it) and some medals. Alden and I had fun planning with them. Alden wrote all over Mommy's pumpkin with a pen and she got really mad.

We then went to Discovery Kids, a children's museum. We stayed there for hours! I took Traveling Teddy in with me. Teddy is a bear who belongs to my preschool. We take turns taking him on the weekends to go on adventures.

Today we got our hair cut again. Alden hates it. I don't mind it. Mommy and Daddy had to both be in the booth with Alden. I was cool on my own.

We also took Teddy out on the lake. The weather is great. Finally cooling down here.

Alden with Mommy's pumpkin medals.

Trent with Mommy's pumpkin (before it was defaced).

Teddy and Trent checked out a race car.

Alden hates air cuts.

Trent doesn't mind a cut.

Teddy on a lake.