The End of Three

Tomorrow is my 4th birthday. I have asked for a fork lift cake.

On Thursday Mommy went with Alden's class to be a chaperone for their last field trip of the school year. They went to the science museum. They just played. Mommy had to watch Alden and three other kids. Alden melted Mommy's heart. At the end, the kids lined up and started walking one way back to their bus. Mommy started walking another way back to her mini van. Alden ran from his school group to give Mommy one last hug.

Today we went to Ellie and Will's 5th birthday party. It was a super hero theme and so well done!

Field trip!

Photo time at the party.

Knock down.

Ready to knock down again.

Tie up the bad guy.

More tie up the bad guy.