Twins and Grade 1

We flew to Pittsburgh on Friday. Daddy was in California still, so it was me, Trent, and Mommy. Mommy forgot my EpiPen so there was some drama over that. Aunt Jenny picked us up from the air port. We went back to their house and had pizza and a bonfire.

It was Aunt Jenny's baby shower on Saturday. She is going to have 2 babies. Grandpa took us to McDonalds and Dick's so we didn't need to be bored. There was another bonfire that evening with s'mores. When we were tired and ready to leave, we couldn't find Trent's yellow blankie. Several grown ups tore up the house looking for it. It appeared magically on the floor in the dining room after a crazy search. It is still a mystery if I forgot I hid it, or if I was secretly laughing at everyone. I'll never tell. After blankie was found, we couldn't find Aunt Kat's keys. We had to borrow Aunt Jenny's car to get back to Aunt Kat's. We stayed there Saturday night. We fell asleep hard in the car. Trent slept until 11 a.m. the next day. That's crazy.

On Sunday our flight was canceled so we got home much later than expected. As such, we were very tired and running late on my first day of 1st grade. I have Mrs. Nance. I didn't have butterflies in my tummy because I already met her at meet the teacher last week.

After Mommy dropped me off at school today her and Trent went out for Starbucks. Mommy tries to limit caffeine, but after our late night adventure yesterday, it was called for.

How to ride an airport tram.

Baby shower cake.

Last family picture before the twins arrive.

1st day of 1st grade.

Breakfast with Mommy.