Walls of Morning Glories

Last week was the book fair at school. Mommy was really impressed by all the fancy decorations. It was a pirate theme this year.

Trent has been sneaking into Mommy and Daddy's bed even more than me now. The other night, Mommy went to go to bed and Betty, Trent, and Peter the Penguin were all in there. Betty peed in the bed. Mommy was mad.

Over the weekend Uncle Bob got married to Aunt Jenelle. It was our first wedding ever. After the wedding we had cookie cake.

We also had a visit with Miss Charlotte. We had pizza for dinner and then we went to the mall to play around. Trent also did one of those bungee jumpers with Miss Charlotte. I wasn't interested. 

Outside the book fair.

Midnight invaders

Hanging with Miss C.

Trent mad Mommy is taking pictures.

Trent still mad.

Trent faked a smile finally.