Snow Days

Last week, Monday was a holiday (New Year's Day). On Wednesday, we got out school 2 hours early because they were scared of a storm. We got some snow and ice so we didn't have school Thursday or Friday. Mom said it wasn't that bad. On Friday we went to a science camp while Mom and Dad worked. We will now have to make up the days later this and next month.

Betty enjoyed walking in the snow. There wasn't enough to do any real snowing though.

On Saturday we started a class for learning to skate. Alden liked it and begged to get his own skates after. After skating we were craving pancakes so we went to IHOP. I called my fork and knife "tools." Normally I don't finish my pancake, but I did on Saturday.

Raise your ear if you love snow.

One of Trent's classmates was also in the class.

Alden enjoyed learning to skate.

Trent loving pancake time.