Mi Weekend

We spent our weekend in Michigan! We were supposed to go Thursday night, but the flight was full so they gave us vouchers to go Friday morning.

Friday evening we went to Mom's friend Erin's mom's house, where Mom spent a lot of her childhood. They drove us (me, Trent, and Erin's kids) around all the spots Mom and Erin rode their bikes. Then we played Clue on the same board Mom and Erin used when they were young.

Saturday we went to Grandpa's woods. I got to drive the Polaris! I put some food out for the deer and they actually came and ate it. I also climbed up a deer blind - all the way. Trent and I made some holes in the ice on the pond. We made hot dogs over the camp stove. It was cold, but there wasn't much snow. When we got home it was windy. The "real feel" temperature was 16. Mom skipped her run ;)

Trent got to drive Grandpa's tractor.

On Sunday we went to Detroit. We went to the Nain Rouge parade. It was cold. Mom loved it, but I thought it was hard to be a kid there. Most of the people were tall and I couldn't see over them. That and it was a lot of walking. We did go into a store and make our own free masks. Some people were throwing beads so Mom taught Trent how to catch them. After the parade, we ate at Hop Cat and then flew home. This morning was rough to get out of bed.

Mom - what is this?

Playing Clue at Erin's

Ice holes

Hot dogs over the camp stove

Trent driving the tractor

Catching beads

The mask

Nain Rouge parade