We had last Friday off school. So we decided to go visit family in Pittsburgh. We flew up after dinner on Thursday so we got in there late.

On Friday Mom took us to the children's museum while Aunt Kat worked. We had Detroit style pizza for lunch.  Then Mom made us go to some boring Halloween store. After that we went back to Aunt Kat's house. Aunt Jen met us there. We walked to a Mexican dinner place from Aunt Kat's house.

After that we went to a weird place called Trundle Manor. It is a private house you can tour with all kinds of crazy Halloween stuff and oddities. 

When we went back we played with the kitty Pearl, and watched Goosebumps.

On Saturday we met up with Aunt Jen, Uncle Balex, TBone and Coco. We went to a jump place. We had lunch at Noodles and Co. Then we went to Target and loaded up on candy. We went to a hotel so we wouldn't make a mess at Aunt Jen's (she is selling her house). We played in the pool, but it was on the cold side.

We had an early flight back on Sunday. While the weather was wonderful on Saturday, we had to de-ice the plane on the way back!

Children's museum.

Outside Trundle Manor.

You can tell it is creepy from the outside.

Secret passageway to the kitchen in Trundle Manor.


Chinese take-out at the hotel.