Dino Day

Can you believe I am sick again? Yes, I have a stomach ache and I puked on my bed last night. I'm home from school today.

I felt fine last week. Last Thursday we had a Dino Learning Celebration at school. I had to present a joke to the class so I wore a dress shirt. Parents were allowed to come in. We read our Dino stories we wrote. Alden didn't get to come, but he was excited to wear his new football jersey to school.

Last Thursday we had a bad storm. We got dismissed from school two hours early. Then on Friday we didn't have school. But it wasn't bad were we live. So Mom, Alden, and I went to iHop, bowling, and to a thrift shop for mom (boring).

Dressy Trent and sporty Alden.

Trent reading his Dino joke.

Trent reading the Dino story he wrote.

Trent's "complex sentence" award.

Brunch at iHop while school was closed.