Memorial Day Weekend Stay-At-Home Style

It was a hot rainy week. We got in trouble last week with Mom because we were chilling outside in the driveway and I asked Mom if I could take an iPad out to take pictures. She came out and found us playing video games. She was mad.

Mom went to a friend's house on Saturday and did a social distance sit around the fire. She said it helped her feel normal.

Mom and Dad worked on making the screened-in porch nicer. It used to be dirty. Now it is clean with fresh paint. Mom got some sun catchers off Etsy and Dad hung them.

Yesterday we went to Aunt Jen's new house and enjoyed dinner out in her driveway. Aunt Jen said it was so much easier to host with everyone bringing their own food ;)

Chilling outside on a hot day.

Mom at her first social distance fire.

It's getting bad for Mom.

Messing in the mud puddle.

Decorating the screened in porch.