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Week 5 : Turkey, Chicken and Dogs

Aldens back, back again - tell your friends !

Alden awake & alert at 1-month.

With a full month now behind me, I can tell you about the fun I've been having recently.  We had a really nice Thanksgiving around home with just Mom, Dad and my dogs.  Not too eventful, but not terribly boring either.

I got to go to a restaurant for the very first time on Black Friday.  Dad took me to his favorite fast-food joint, Chick-Fil-A (the same one that asked if he attended Apex High School just a month ago).

Up-size my milk please...

Next up for me was my one month doctor's appointment.  95% percentile for weight y'all ! I'm now 11 lbs 4oz.   Later on, we were out walking with Mom pushing my stroller and Dad and my dogs following right behind.  Our neighbor asked if they were my security detail which was pretty funny with two big black dogs that can woof & bark pretty loudly hanging around me like a party crasher at a White House state dinner.

Finally - last but not least, I …