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A Two Cake Weekend

The pictures below are out-of-order, but I am too tired to fix them.

Last week Trent progressed from climbing the stairs at Marbles to doing the ones at home. He went from not trying to climb the stairs to being really good at it in a flash. He took a similar approach to crawling. It's like he holds back until he can be really good at something.

Trent's hair is getting shaggy. Mommy keeps talking about a first hair cut for him.

Uncle Bob came to visit for the weekend. He is a fun guy. We took him to get burgers. On Sunday we met up with Aunt Sue for lunch. I spent most of the time in the toy corner and Trent enjoyed himself dropping his straw cup and food on the floor. On Sunday night Daddy and Uncle Bob went to the Barenaked Ladies concert.

Mommy and I went to a Gender Reveal party to see what kind of babies are in Claire's Mommy's tummy. A Gender Reveal party means you get color coded cake baked by Miss Kelly. Can you say AWESOME?! It was so much fun it was streamed …

Preschool Houdini

I am so proud of Alden. Sure he gets frustrated that I take up a lot of the attention these days, but I admire his problem solving ability.

Last Thursday he told Mommy that he knew how to get out his window. His bedroom is on the second floor. He then demonstrated he could get his step stool, open the locks, push the window open and then crawl on the roof. Mommy had quite the look on her face.

The next day I was dragged around Home Depot and Lowes looking for a window lock solution. It was very unpleasant as it was very hot and I was missing my nap. Mommy couldn't find anything so now Alden has black screws in his window.

Alden today also figured out how to flip the very high door latches closed with his light sabre. Good one Alden. However, he doesn't know how to flip them open.

We had a real cement truck come to our house to make a parking pad. We didn't get to put our hands it in because it was already too hard by the time the guys left.

Yesterday we went to Marbles. Al…

Boom, Boom, Fireworks!

On the 4th we had a relaxing day at home. We went to Miss Kelly's pool for a pizza dinner. We saw many friends there. Daddy told me we wouldn't go to the fireworks because we'd see plenty in Michigan.

On Friday, Daddy got us up way too early. We made it to the airport just in time. We arrived in Flint in the afternoon. Then we drove up to cousin Nick's house to borrow Aunt Beth's car. We also visited Grandma and Grandpa J, Aunts Katie and Jenny, Uncle Balex, and Scott. I had pizza for dinner with my Bay City friend Quinn.

That evening we stayed in a hotel right in front of the fireworks. Mommy stayed in the room with Trent and Daddy and I went outside to watch them. What an awesome show.

On Saturday we went to see Great Grandma Jezewski. We had lunch at Intermission Deli, a place Mommy loves. The owner came by our table to say hi. She must have been a great customer back when she lived there. We also went to Great Aunt Karen's big family reunion. That evening w…

Documentation Day - June 29

Mommy  had this idea to do "documentation days." That's where she uses an app to pick a random day of the month and then for that day we document what we do. That way we can remember "average" days when we are older. She put it on her calendar for Saturday, but she didn't notice it was on there until the day was almost done. Better luck next time! That's why I don't have many pictures to share.

Our first documentation day was Saturday. Daddy had just gotten back from a trip to Florida the night before. Mommy was ready to have him home. It was a tiring week for her which climaxed in Trent throwing up ALL over at bedtime on Friday night. I was watching my iPad when she started yelling "Alden come here, I need your help something bad happened." She was in Trent's bathtub with him. I went and got her a yuck bucket and new clothes. It smelled bad so I covered my nose.

On Saturday morning we slept in a bit. Then Mommy and Trent headed off to…