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In the Pitt

On Friday my school had kindergarten Olympics. We had a parade of nations. I carried a South Korea flag. The other grades clapped for us.

On Saturday we flew to Pittsburgh to hang with family. On Saturday night, Trent and I spent the night at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex's house. Mom and Dad went to Aunt Kat's. We had a fireworks party.


Fix It

This weekend the mini van and the garbage disposal broke. Daddy spent his Saturday fixing stuff. I helped him. We got to go to Home Depot and auto parts shopping.

We also watched TWO Star Wars movies. We've seen all but one now.


Four Begins

I'm four! On my birthday we went to Cici's Pizza for dinner. It is my favorite. Then we came home and I opened some birthday gifts.

On Friday morning, Mommy and I went to Sesame Street Live. I'm not as into Sesame Street as Alden was at my age. I liked it ok. Mommy said it would be the last year for it, especially after paying $15 for parking, $10 for a balloon, and $11 for a Pepsi and pretzel.

Friday night we left for Wilmington. We stayed in a hotel. Saturday morning we got up and went to the aquarium. They have a bald eagle and a white alligator there...and sharks. Then we went to the beach. I enjoyed finding shells.

After the beach we went to pick up my birthday cake. After dinner at Jimmy John's we enjoyed the cake in the hotel lobby.

On Sunday we went to see a WWII battleship and a snake house. It was hard to go back to our normal routine this morning.

Today we started swim lessons with Miss Shannon. When she put me on my back I was crying for Mommy. She calmed m…