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Now that I've moved to my big boy bed, I'm on the move at night. Alden is going to bed easier for Mommy so I've taken over coming out of my room and delaying bedtime. My best tricks are to say "I'm scared" and "I peed."

Last Thursday I enjoyed coming out of my room and watching Mommy load the dishwasher from the top of the stairs. At 11 p.m.

Last night I went in Alden's room. We played for a bit, and Mommy and Daddy came in to say "lights out." We got the last laugh though. Alden taught me how to sneak in their room. When they woke up this morning, Alden was in bed with them and I was on the floor next to the dogs.

Family bed, ya'll.


A Regular Summer Weekend

We had a regular summer weekend. On Friday Mommy treated us to CiCi's Pizza. She does that when she's too lazy to cook and wants to do something that will make us really happy.

On Saturday we tried a place called Scratch. Mommy and Daddy have a map of Durham restaurants from the newspaper that they are using as a check list to eat their way through Durham. Mommy said it was urgent to get to Scratch because she read they are closing to become a food truck. Daddy wasn't that into it, but Mommy thought it was really good. Across the street there was some construction going on. Trent loved watching it. I was bored but that kid would have stayed there for hours.

Then we went to the science museum. For the first time, Mommy and Daddy sat in front of us on the train and Trent and I sat together.

Today we organized our playroom and went to the pool...oh, and grocery shopped. Mommy retired the baby monitor from Trent's room now that he's in his bigger boy bed.

I have homew…

Lil' Chef

Today all the Stafford men got our hair cut. Alden hates to get his hair cut. I don't mind as long as I'm distracted and there's some lollipops at the end.

Yesterday we look a parent/child cooking class with Mommy. It was the first time I was able to come too - now that I'm 3 there's more academic doors open to me. I hung in pretty well until I got bored.

Alden did well his first full week of kindergarten. Now he finally will go to bed tonight. Not early, but at least he'll stay in there. He usually goes to bed at 9:30 p.m.


Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

Trent finally started crawling out of his crib, so Daddy converted it to a day bed on Saturday. Trent is proud of his big boy bed. He is only wearing diapers at night. Last night he woke Mommy up at 2:17 a.m. because he was wet. He brought a whole bag of diapers down with him and asked to be changed.

Trent started playing with some toy basketballs yesterday and insisted that Mommy take him to his room to change into a basketball shirt.

Last Tuesday was my first day of kindergarten. I only went for one day. My first full week starts tomorrow. I like my teacher and the school so far, better than preschool. Friday was my last day EVER of preschool. I didn't care; Mommy was a bit sad.