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Birthday Boys

On Saturday we went to a science day at the museum. We got to pretend to make medicine with some people who work at GSK.

Sunday was Grandpa's 80th birthday. We took him out to eat. We all wore Detroit Tigers or Lions gear. Then we went to Aunt Sue's for cake. Daddy got a cake too because his 40th birthday is later this month.


Signs of Spring

This weekend really felt like spring. We had an egg hunt and I helped Mom plant some flowers around the mailbox. By help, I mean I let her do it all while I played.


Science Fair

Last week was my first science fair. I was going to do it last year, but I was sick. So I recycled my project into this year.

I did my project on super absorbent polymers. They can absorb a crazy amount of water. A tiny bead can become nickel sized. They are used in things like diapers, fake snow, and water bead toys.


Carnival Time

Last Thursday we had a carnival in our classroom. We practiced earning "money" and we got to spend it at the carnival. Mommy came in and ran the photo booth. There was popcorn, cotton candy, games, and raffles.

At the end, someone got to pie Mrs. N in the face!


Dog Party

On Saturday, Mommy and me went to a birthday party for a dog. Betty was invited. We just took her. It was really fun watching the dogs run around.

On Sunday we went to George's birthday party. Alden hurt his leg and then was crabby most of the party. He felt better when we got home.


Brick by Brick

Yesterday Trent had his first soccer class. It was so boring for me to go watch and we had to get up so early.

Later that day we went to a Harley-Davidson dealer's bike rally. Mom's friend Gretchen won 1st place. Then we went to the children's museum and out for fancy desserts.

Today Mom was so proud because I rode my bike to Starbucks. We didn't get anything - it was just to see if I could do it. I also put together a Lego set all-by-myself.


Storm Trooper Dog Walker

This is how you walk your dogs!


Hot Rock

Mommy got a King Cake this weekend since Mardi Gras is coming. Alden was the lucky one to find the baby in his piece!

Mommy has been hoping and wanting for Alden to get interested in biking, but it just wasn't there. This weekend Daddy got a new bike. While we were at the bike store, Alden and Mommy were  looking at the kid bikes. They both really liked an orange and white one. The guy at the store told them they could take it outside and play with it. The guy gave Alden some tips for gliding on it since it didn't have training wheels. They went out in the parking lot and played with it. I was upset because I wanted to come out and ride also.

Alden ended up asking for the bike, and Mommy was so excited that he was interested in it that she told Daddy they had to get it.

I was so upset because Daddy and Alden got bikes and I didn't. Mommy said it was because the bike I have from cousin Trevor is so nice, and they will get me a bigger bike when I'm older.

Alden practiced…

From My Heart To Yours

I was sick and missed two days of school the week before last. Last week Mommy and Daddy got it. Mommy and Daddy don't have fevers anymore now, but they do have coughs and weird voices.

Sunday was like a spring day. Mommy even wore shorts. We got a large ball and rolled around in it in the backyard. I played with some sling shot rockets too.

Trent had his Valentines party today. My teacher was sick so our party was post-poned.


Super Sunday

We have a Snow Fest picture to share! See below.

The Super Bowl was Sunday. I knew I had to wear my jersey, even though the Lions weren't playing. I ended up playing and not watching the game. Miss Joni hosted the annual Jaycees Super Bowl party.

Yesterday Alden had a field trip to a children's museum. Mommy went as one of the chaperones. The best part was a sandbox they had on loan from NC State. Above the sand box is a special projector. As you build the sand up, it projects a topographic map on the sand. Then you shake your hands to make it rain. It shows how the rain runs down the "mountains" and collects in the low areas.


Mi Weekend

Last Thursday we tried to fly to Michigan, but they had an air traffic delay. So we went home from the airport and went back Friday morning. Aunt Kat picked us up in Flint. Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma's and had dinner. After dinner Grandpa helped me with my math homework. He had to get the dictionary out (and explain what a dictionary is to me). Grandma fixed Trent's green blankie.

It was cold, but no real snow, just a dusting. We had hoped to go sledding.

 Saturday morning we learned how to shoot a bow. Trent broke one of Grandpa's crossbow arrows because he missed the practice target and put it through some plywood. Then we burned their Christmas tree.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Snow Fest in Frankenmuth. The pictures are on Aunt Kat's phone. We should get them later. Every body had fun but me. I whined that my foot was itchy.

Saturday night Mommy went to a pottery place. We stayed home and watched Princess Bride and Charlotte's Web.

Sunday morni…

Birthday Weekend

This weekend, TWO grandparents had birthdays. Grandpa J's was Friday, and Grandma S's was Sunday. Grandpa J had to take a raincheck for we when are in MI later this month. We took Grandma S to Outback for dinner and gave her Girl Scout cookies.

Friday night we went to a bounce house.

On Saturday Mom took a sewing class while we hung out with Dad.

We went to 3 thrift shops this weekend. Mommy got a used Power Wheels from Miss Jessica's neighbor. We want to turn it into a Mad Max car. We found some parts for it.

Today we had off school for MLK Day. Mom and Dad made us get our hair cut. I HATE getting my hair cut. I cry, complain, and refuse to get into the car.


First Post of 2017

Sorry we kept you hanging without new photos. We had a busy end of year shutdown :) Here's what we've been doing as shown in pictures.

We didn't have school today, and schools are closed tomorrow. We had a snow and ice storm over the weekend.