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Tech Camp

I like science and technology. Last week I did a summer camp that involved inventions - like building a bridge - and robots. At the end of the day we got to play computer games.

I'm also really getting into Minecraft now. Mom doesn't understand it.


Graduation and Fireworks

I had a great time graduating from preschool and going to Michigan for the 4th of July weekend. The best part was lighting fireworks at grandma and grandpa's house.


Summer Camp

Last week I did a boating camp. I got to go out on a boat and kayak. I got really dirty. I even asked to go back next summer.

I was sick on Sunday. I had a fever and was tried. I took a nap. I was fine this morning.


Sometimes We Do Get Along

Last week Alden went to a cooking camp. For Father's Day he was able to make some Cheddar Bay Biscuits for Dad.

On Thursday we went to a family day for Mom's work. It was super hot. Too hot to enjoy the bounce houses. We did like the cotton candy though.

On Saturday we attended a party for my preschool graduation. Pictures coming soon. We also went to an old fashioned soda fountain/hot dog place with the Cary Jaycees.


First Grade: DONE!

Friday was my last day of 1st grade. Mrs. N did a Hollywood party for us. She was the director. As we came in, we walked the red carpet. I dressed as Maverick from Top Gun.

She gave us Oscars, awards, and our very own handprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On Sunday we went to Spencer's birthday party.



I'm officially five now. At school, my teacher made me a Star Wars crown. The spiky part was light sabres.

Over the weekend we went to Pittsburgh. I met my cousins Thomas and Caroline for the first time. Alden made it clear he was not going to change any diapers. We went to a zoo, had a cookout (complete with a surprise cake for me), and did a home fireworks show. Alden was very excited that he got to light off the fireworks.

Thomas had an ear infection, Caroline a fever, and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex had strep throat. I woke up with a fever on Sunday morning. I threw up on the plane ride home. Thankfully Mom got me a bag in time.


Dinosaur Cake

My actual birthday is tomorrow, but we had a birthday dinner for me on Saturday. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Jen came over for pizza and cake. I was too full from breakfast to eat my pizza.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring in bubbles to share with my class.


S'More Fun

Last weekend was Mother's Day. I invited Mom to my school to have muffins. I also gave her a painting that my teachers helped me make.

On Thursday Mom helped in Alden's class room for a bit. She checked some math and realized that soon Alden will outpace her ability to check homework without a calculator. Then she went to lunch with Alden in the cafeteria. Alden won't eat melted cheese in a quesadilla at home, but Mom busted him doing it at school.

On Saturday I went to Matthew's birthday party. Then we went camping with some friends. We had fun with the fire, playing in the sand, staying up late, eating s'mores, and trading Pokemon cards. 


Giddy Up

We had many "firsts" this weekend.

My first basketball class.My first picture with a chicken.My first horse back ride.First strawberries of the season.My first charity walk - for Second Chance Pet Adoptions (where Alex, Mallory, and Betty all came from)