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My Busy Weekend - Friends! Toys!

I had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, two of my Baby Steps friends joined me at Little Gym. We had a great time waving scarves and popping bubbles. Saturday Mom and Dad took turns entertaining me and helping out a charity dog wash. Mallory: stink dog no more! After the dog wash Mom helped me ride my Little People truck around the house.

On Sunday I went to Rebecca's baby shower. Her little guy or gal will be making his or her big arrival sometime next month. My generation rules! Mom tried to hold new baby Maura, but I let her know I wasn't a fan of that. WHAAAH! I also had empathy for my friend Elianna. When she was crying because she was denied her right to eat wrapping paper I cried right along with her.

Having a bubbly laugh with some Baby Steps buddies.

Alden loves to pull up on Mom's legs.

It's not a sporty truck, but the price was right.

Alden and Elianna enjoyed crawling through the tunnel at the baby shower.

Batter Up

Last Tuesday I went to my first softball game. The team we went to see was one Mom played on a few years ago when she worked for some company that made MmmmData or something like that. Unfortunately it started pouring. We spent most of the time huddled together in the dugout waiting for it to clear up enough for me to get strolled back to the car. I enjoyed meeting everyone and I look forward to playing myself someday.

The future slugger posed with the Thomson Reuters team.

Hanging at the Gym

On Fridays, Mom takes me for a workout at the Little Gym. I have so much fun there. I love crawling off while the teacher is giving instructions. I leave a trail of drool on the mats so people know where I've been. It's my calling card.

We do many activities like ring bells, bounce balls, roll, dance under parachutes, and more. My favorite part of the class is free play and bubble time. I also like getting up on a giant air mattress and jumping around. This week some of my Baby Steps classes are going to come with me as my guests. It is going to be crazy!

Alden chases his classmate, Piper.
Rolling down a cheese mat with Miss Genevieve.

Tracking bubbles.

Working the parallel bars.
I get plenty of exercise at home too. I'm learning a bit of basketball. Check out my skills!

Alden the dunk master.

Alden: Now With More Pearly Whites!

My gums are sore. My sixth tooth broke through over the weekend. This is not fun!  My newest tooth is left of the two front center teeth on top. My other top teeth are rapidly desending. My Mom says she misses her gummy dude, but hey, you cannot stop progress.

Mom and Dad chased me all weekend trying to get a good snapshot of my choppers, but I'm too busy and sore to share them just yet!

I plan on posting pictures from the gym tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Alden reluctantly shows his new dental project.

Baby's First Fourth - Or The Roar of the Tractor

Hello! So much has happened since my last post. I traveled to Michigan for my first 4th of July. It was my second airplane trip and my third new state. Put a pin on my map! I got to Traverse City to see my Dad's side of the family. Besides Grandma and Grandpa Stafford, Uncle Bob, Aunt Beth, and Cousin Nick were there along with their two crazy dogs, Willy and Buddy. Dad took me to a Blue Angels airshow. He loved it - but I thought it was too loud and scary.

Mom and Dad didn't take me to any fireworks shows. They were past my bedtime and surely too loud for my taste.

I amazed my family by showing how I can climb stairs. I almost made it all the way up Grandma and Grandpa Stafford's staircase. While we were "Up North" I tried a few bites of my first pasty.

At my Great Aunt Karen and Uncle Pat's annual party I got to meet my Great Grandpa for the first time and a whole bunch of relatives. I also met my Great Grandma Jezewski. I really enjoyed pulling on her b…