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The Go Fast Button

As promised, here are some pictures from my awesome field trip earlier this month. My school took us to a private hanger so we could see some airplanes. We have been learning about airplanes in school.

Mommy and Daddy both came on the field trip with me. They were more excited than I was. Actually, I was quite tired that day. At first Mommy was annoyed because we were told there would be possible delays getting to the airport because the President was in town. But when we got to the hanger, we got a huge surprise. Some Marines and one of the President's support helicopters was in the hanger. The pilot told us the helicopter could be Marine 1. We got to see it and meet the pilots. Outside the hanger we could see the huge supply plane that brought in the President's limo.

We also got to see some private planes, and go to the mechanic shop to see some being repaired.Mechanic Greg even let us sit in one of the planes! He was so nice to us all.

At the end of the tour they told us …

We are Family - Come On Everybody Sing

I had the best field trip EVER! However, I'm going to make you wait until next week to see the photos from that.

This weekend Aunt Jenny, Uncle Balex, and Aunt Kat came to say with us. We were on the go and out for adventure the entire weekend.

We picked up Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex on Friday. Since they got in late we got to stay up late. Woot! Aunt Jenny surprised me with a Mr. T shirt and Trent with a hedgehog one (everybody loves hedgehogs and Mommy's maiden name means hedgehog).  Uncle Balex gave me a video education on Mr. T on YouTube.

On Saturday we tried Wyatt's Grocery in Durham. Daddy was very disappointed that they were only serving brunch. He's not a fan. Then we headed to Toys R Us so Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex could get me a Play Doh set. Next we picked up Aunt Kat. Ready for even more adventure we headed to Marbles to wait for a new eat place called The Oak City Meatball Shoppe to open. They basically only sell meatballs. I wasn't impressed by the …

One Exciting Weekend

We had a crazy fun, crazy busy weekend.

On Friday, Paige and Brendan came over. Miss Shannon also came over to watch us so Mommy, Daddy, Mr. Dave, and Miss Joni could go to a quiet eat place. Quiet eat places are very boring. You have to eat and be still so Mommy and Daddy don't take us to them. We had a rocking good time. I didn't want Paige to go home, and she didn't want to leave either. We were hiding in my room, in my bed pretending to sleep.

On Saturday Uncle Bob from Michigan came. He was a surprise for Grandma's 75th birthday. We went to lunch. After lunch, Mommy took Trent home to nap. Then the rest of us headed to go bowling, but on the way there a tornado warning went off. So we raced back home and hung out watching the radar stuff - well, I watched some snake videos on YouTube.

When the weather had cleared, we met up with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sue, and Cousin Trevor at Dave and Busters. I won enough tickets to get a Sponge Bob candy pack with a fan on it. It took…