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Poor Alex!

What a Saturday. Miss Charlotte came over. Then Brendan and Paige showed up. Then Daddy and Mr. Dave left with Alden to go watch Mommy and Miss Joni in some messy muddy race. I guess there is a time and place to get muddy after all. I find that rather ironic given Mommy and Daddy spend so much time keeping mud out of the house.

Our dog Alex hurt his hip on Saturday. Daddy had to take him to the emergency vet. Alex is going to have surgery this week. We don't have to worry about him chasing the Easter Bunny.

I like to pet Mallory. I also like to pull on her tags, but no one lets me do that! Mallory is very tolerant and kind to me.


The Cement Truck

We have been busy! On Friday we went to a gym place to get out of the house. I enjoyed crawling backwards and rolling around. Mom got some video of me. I hope she uploads some soon so I can show you just how one who doesn't crawl forward can still get around.

Alden enjoyed jumping in the balls and climbing the ladder.

Yesterday Alden and Dad attended a food-free Easter egg hunt for kids with food allergies.

Today we had some friends from Mom's Baby Steps group over. Both of the other moms have a 3 year-old and an infant too. Funny how their timing worked out.

Alden has been resisting potty training, but Mom and Dad upped their game on Saturday. As of Saturday morning, they are putting Alden in big boy undies during the day and pull-ups at night. The success rate has been about 50/50. The washing machine is really busy in our house. Mom said if she can handle washing cloth diapers she can handle wet clothes. Mom and Dad were holding out on food rewards but they broke down yest…

The Short Truck

After a week off, Trent's nose is running again. Mom and Dad have had enough of colds for the season!

Trent had his first job. He was a subject in a UNC research study on how infants learn by hearing. He and Mom went into a sound booth and they trained him to look at a box with an animal that would light up every time  the word "playground" was played. He earned $15 per visit and they gave him a t-shirt that he enjoyed chewing.

When I was a baby, everyone said "those eyes, that hair." With Trent they say "those cheeks." He has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. He is getting better at rolling around to get places. The days of him staying in one spot are gone!

On Saturday we went to George's first birthday party. Mom was proud of me for doing such a good job playing in the backyard with the other kids. I checked in with Mom and Dad but I did my own thing too.

Today Mom and I met up with my friends Ava and Evan at a park. Evan and I enjoyed t…

Nine Mo's

Greetings from your favorite 9 month old. At my 9m well-visit I was 22 lb 3 ozs.

Mom gave me some puffs to help me upgrade my eating skills I found the texture to be weird. I'm not sure what to think of them. Alden sure loves them though. He kept taking them and my yogurt bites away. While I am not into finger foods yet, I did show off an impressive pincher grasp.

I went to my first art museum on Friday. I slept through most of it. I also had mashed potatoes for the first time. We went to lunch at The Pit and Dad had to share with me.

Mom and Dad are transitioning out of carrying me in my car seat bucket. I'm just too heavy. Now when I roll in my stroller, I sit right in the seat.

I am not crawling yet, but I'm really good as pushups and I'm starting to get up on all fours.

Sometimes I pee through my jammies and my wearable blanket during the night. I then fuss until Mom or Dad comes to save me. Sometimes Alden sneaks in Mom and Dad's bed in the middle of the night…