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I'm 3!

I turned 3 and we've been celebrating for days. On Thursday Mom and Dad came into my preschool at the end of class. Most parents have been bringing in birthday sweets, but Mom thought we had too many sweets so she brought in Halloween Play Doh. I handed it out to each of my classmates and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got to wear a crown.

On Friday I had a Pumpkin Playdate with my Baby Steps friends. We enjoyed making a mess with paint and glue. We also got wild in the rice bin. I enjoyed showing off my battery powered tractor and 4 wheeler. For dinner we had my favorite --- pizza!

Saturday was my actual birthday. When I got up Mom and Dad had presents for me wrapped  under our big Halloween tree. There were also gifts from my grandparents in Michigan. I got lots of cool stuff: a garbage truck, Matchbox cars, airplanes, an airport, a helicopter, and a bouncy ball. Mom wasn't feeling good so she hung around in her jammies. She went to the doctor and they t…

If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula Look About You

We have been so busy lately. We've been to several pumpkin farms and a birthday party. This evening I helped Dad put up some Halloween lights for Mom.  I'm excited for my birthday this Saturday. I've asked for an airplane.

Finally, here's some random pictures from our trip to Michigan earlier this month. It was Trent's first trip ever (and first flight!).


On a Roll

This will be short since we are all sleepy. We've been having a busy fall. I took my first flight and trip to Michigan,  but more on that later when Mom and Dad can help me get the photos off their phones.

This weekend I was playing on a blanket on the floor on my back. I got up on my side and then before I knew it, I was on my belly. Mom was really excited about it. I'm not sure when I'll do it again, but Mom and Dad called it a milestone.

I'm also getting good at grabbing for my bottle and I'm growing more and more interactive. I love to smile. I can also sit up in a Bumbo chair. Sometimes I drool a lot.

When I wake up in the morning I just make cute noises. I don't cry. Then Mom or Dad comes and grabs me.


Sleeping it Off

Zzzzz....I went to the doctor today for my 4m well visit and I was assaulted with 3 pokes and one dose of yucky stuff.  I've been sleeping a lot of the day. I cannot believe Mom signed the consent for for all that torture. 

I am 17 lb and 26 inches tall. That means I've grown 4.5 inches and I'll have doubled my birth weight very soon (I started at 8 lb 15 oz).  Amazing what I can accomplish in one quarter! I can now hold my head up well, put things in my mouth, drool, make spit bubbles, and make a whole range of cute sounds. I smile back at people.  I'm also really good at diaper blow outs. I no longer mold myself "treefrog" style into someone when they hold me.

Doc said to wait until 6m to introduce me to solids so Mom and Dad have a little bit more time before I start making food messes. I mainly nurse, but I get some formula too.

I'm still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room in my bassinet, but I'm getting quite big for it. During the night, I lik…