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Partying Our Way Out of September

Hello all! I had another great weekend. On Saturday morning mom and I went to a stroller fitness class. I love helping to be a personal trainer for Mom. I think that it is funny that she needs to push me around in all this heat.

Later that evening, we went to an Oktoberfest party. For some reason, there was some bouncer keeping me and my friends away from one end of the deck. I wonder what those crazy grown-ups were hiding. I ate lots of cheese spaetzle, deviled eggs, and watermelon.

Today we went to Brady and Cody's birthday party at the Little Gym. I did a great job sitting at the table and eating cake. I missed part of the party because I was taking an uber nap. Miss Kelly made all the guests really cool capes for favors. In the evening, we joined Brendan and Paige's family out for Greek. We really know how to rock a restaurant.

 Baby goes tp'ing.
 Loving the baby swing.

 After putting Mom through her workout.

 Monster drool.
 Super Birthday! L to R: A guest, Colin, Cody, a…

Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!

It's your favorite pre-tod Alden here with my latest report from the school of learning to walk. - I refuse to be caught on camera, but as the folklore goes - I've been seen taking up to as many as 6 steps on my own.   I love how every time I act like I'm going to take some steps, Mom or Dad goes running for the Flip camera to record it. - ha! That's hillarious, when I see that I know I'll need to go back to my old tricks of bear-crawling or at most pushing my cars around the hosue.

I'm not going to ~stop draggin my car around~
(Weird Al - 1983)
Till next time -

I Lead a Life of Messes

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap, yeah
Poopy diapers
Crumbled magazines
Overturned baskets
Done dirt cheap
Ooo, drooly bibs
Wires yanked
Remote controls
Done dirt cheap, eah

Alden at work.

My Last First Holiday

Hey out there! Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is special because it is the last of my first holidays. I really enjoyed that Mom and Dad had an extra day to hang out with me.

I'm still doing a bit of standing and a few steps here and there. Mom and Dad haven't been able to catch me on video yet. I'm just not ready to share my work-in-progress with the world yet.

Mom let me play in her car. I knew exactly what to since I've been practicing with my toy car. She got a chuckle when she started the car the next day - the brights and wipers were on. If I just had some pedal extenders I'd be able to take the family for a ride. We played in Dad's car while he was cleaning the garage yesterday. For some reason Mom freaked out when I put some bite marks on Dad's door. Hello! I explore the world with my mouth!

Mom tried the Cheerio trick today. I'm still not very interested in feeding myself. Mallory loved it though. Most of the Cheerios on my tray went in her belly!