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Snow Daze

We had a ball last week - a snow ball that is. Daddy was in CA. On Tuesday we started the day with a gym class. The weather people kept talking about a snow storm but we didn't see anything. They canceled my school just in case.
Wednesday started normal enough, but right after lunch it started snowing. We made muffins with Mommy in case the power went out. Mommy called them "survival muffins." The snow kept coming and coming and soon we couldn't see our grass. We also got sleet. We saw on the TV that a lot of people had trouble driving home.
Wednesday night we rode a sled to Brendan and Paige's house for dinner. Trent cried the whole time. Mommy had to carry him. He would not ride in the sled. Mommy said we need to take him to Michigan to harden him up. After dinner we watched the movie Frozen. Good choice. When we got home we found that our neighbor Carson had shoveled our driveway.
After that late, cold night, we slept in. We played in the house all day. While…

I'd Rather Be Dancing

I'm quite the dancer. However, Mommy isn't fast enough to capture my best moves. I can get shy when she whips our her phone to take a video. I enjoy dancing to pop music. Sometimes I even dance in my booster seat while eating (did I tell you my highchair was retired last month?).

During the Super Bowl I enjoyed dancing to Red Hot Chili Peppers with Paige. The video clip below is only a fraction of the excitement. When Mommy was a teenager she made a music video to that song with some of her friends.

Yesterday I charmed a lady at an eat place into giving me free cookies. I was waving and smiling at her. She totally fell for the charm.


Winter Rides

The milestones keep coming for me. Last week I went sledding for the first time. While Mommy and Alden enjoyed it, I thought it sucked. I was cold and wet and anytime Mommy tried to put me down I cried. Alden did well sledding by himself for the first time. Mommy wants to take Alden to Michigan for some serious sledding.

Mommy let me pretend drive for the first time. I loved it. Now when I get in the car, I squirm and whine trying to get into the front seat.

I don't have a lot of verbal language yet, but I've gotten really good at grabbing adults and showing them what I want. For example, tonight a toy I wanted was stuck. I grabbed Mommy's hand, lead her to the cabinet, and pointed to the stuck toy for her to retrieve. I'm a great trainer.

Join me next week for some of my latest dance videos.