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Cashews are Evil

I did not have a good day today. I tried a new breakfast bar this morning. It had cashews in it, and shortly after eating it I did not feel good at all. I even got red bumps all over. Mom and Dad took me to a doctor's office. When we first walked in, I thought it was an "eat" place, but I soon figured it out. I screamed and tried to get out. They tried to bribe me with an Elmo sticker. I thought things were going better so I calmed down a bit, but they drew blood from me. It was awful. The rubber ducky they gave me at the end was not worth it. They are going to do some tests to see if I am allergic to tree nuts.

Things did get better at lunch. I had my favorite food, pizza, and the juice was flowing! Usually Mom and Dad cut me off when I've had too much juice.

I had a nice Thanksgiving. In the morning I helped Mom make TWO pecan pies (which I had no interest in trying, but stirring is fun!). Then we went over to Molly's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Molly is le…

Toddler Turkey Trot

Hello there! I have ANOTHER cold. My nose is running and I cough. It is not fun having back-to-back colds.

There is a lot of holiday deconstruction and construction going on around the house. Mom is busy putting away Halloween stuff. Dad has been putting some Christmas lights on the house (while it is still warm). I go outside and say profound things like "Lights Alden's house" and "blue lights on."

Mom and Dad had a "date night" on Saturday. I'm such a big influence on their lives that even on a night out they ended up at the mall looking for an Elmo shirt for me. Fortunately they were successful and I love it.

Grandma and Grandpa sent me a turkey in the mail. Mom is trying to teach me to say "gobble gobble" instead of "cock-a-doodle-do" when I see a turkey. We are going to learn about turkeys in preschool tomorrow.

Tonight we did the Jaycees Thanksgiving dinner. I was only interested in the rolls. Forget the dessert, bring o…

Sea Monsters

Thursday I had my 2 year well visit. It's never fun going to the doctor's office. First you start out in a waiting room full of cool toys. Then they take you away from the cool toys and put you in a boring room with only a few old beat up books. Just when you think the boredom will get you, you are told to go down to your dipe. Next you try to escape. Then the doctor comes in. I kept telling Mom "all done" and pointing to my clothes and saying "back on." The doctor laughed a said she at least knew I was putting words together. We found out I'm now 33" tall. I grew 3.5" inches since my last birthday.  I was diagnosed with "rock and roll hair." The visit ended with a flu shot. Ouch.

On Friday Mom and I took an art class. I was much more interested in getting into the cupboards than completing the project.

On Saturday we went with Paige and Brendan to a children's museum in Rocky Mount. It was really fun. We watched a movie called …