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The Laundry in the Washer Goes Round and Round

Mommy and Daddy got a new washer and dryer. When you are a grown-up, for some reason that is exciting.

On Saturday I took a cooking class with Mommy. I am a very picky eater. Everything we made was excellent. We made homemade potato chips (we cut some of ours into Pacman shapes), cookie burgers (sugar cookie buns with a chocolate "burger"), and chicken burgers. Yum!

Here are some photos from our weekend.


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

It has been very hot lately. We enjoy going to the pool. Both Mommy and I are taking swim classes.We both have fins and kick boards now.

On Saturday, we went to a place near our house that does gemstone mining. They give you a bag of sand and then you wash it in their water chute and find pretty rocks in it. Trent had no interest in it.

Trent has been more crabby than usual lately. Maybe it is teeth or maybe it is just being two.


Party Until You...

Now that summer is here and school is out, we've been down at the pool more frequently. Mommy and I are both now in swim classes (separate). Mommy and I both have fins. We spent some time kicking around on our noodles on Friday.

Sunday was Father's Day. Mommy let Daddy sleep in. For his special day, Daddy requested burgers for lunch and pizza for dinner. We ended up adding in donuts after lunch too. Mommy and Daddy thought the best favor was "Salted Bourbon" donuts.

Trent threw a curve ball in the pizza party. We went to Mellow Mushroom and ordered our drinks. Trent then puked all over Daddy. Needless to say, we got out of their quick. Daddy and I went to get take-out and Mommy took Trent home. He was ok after that. No idea what was up with that kid.


School's Out For Summer

Last Thursday was my last day of school for the 2013-2014 school year. Now I have only one more year of preschool left. Most of my class is older and will be going to kindergarten next year. We had a celebration. We sang, and Ms. Sanja got teary eyed. Ms. Sanja and Ms. Sujata have been great teachers to me.

Last week Trent had a tummy bug with a fever but he is all better now. Thankfully no one else caught it.

I started a summer gym class today. I took it last year and hated it, but I did so much better this year. I smiled and participated the whole class. We played with hockey sticks and did hide-n-seek.

Trent is still enjoying basketball. He has progressed from dropping the ball in to throwing it in the hoop.


Two - A Picture Essay

My birthday weekend in pictures. Enjoy!

My birthday ended late on Saturday with watching a professional fireworks show that was hosted at the baseball park across from the neighborhood. My magical day ended in my Mommy's lap - exactly where she wanted me.