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Salon Toddler

I hate getting my haircut. Last time I let everyone know by having a Class A meltdown. Yesterday Mom and Dad upped the stakes. They promised me a new toy if I would sit to get my haircut without crying.

The haircut started well enough. I had my choice of an airplane, boat, or car. I picked the car of course, because there was another kid in it. I had more time to enjoy the play area. Once the car was vacated and cleaned, Mom tricked me into getting into it by rolling me over in a toy car. Once I was settled into the car with my cape on and the stylist cutting, I pulled a fast one by whining to move over to the airplane.

I was on the verge of tears, but Mom and Dad kept reminding me of the toy at the end. I hated it, but the promise of a new garbage truck was very appealing. So I stuck it out in the car. After we went to the toy store, but they were all out of garbage trucks. I had to pick out a pizza set instead.

I've been really curious about this white tub with a cord under Mo…

Thank You US Airways

Thank you US Airways for delivering Aunt Jenny to me for the weekend! After picking up Aunt Jenny from the airport on Friday we went to PlayNation where I was able to show off my slide climbing skills to her.

On Saturday we went to Pullen Park. I rode the train, carousel, and boat. It was my first time driving a boat there. It was special because the adults are too big  to ride the boats so it's just the kids. The weather was great. We had lunch at a place called The Rockford in Raleigh. The service was really slow and they didn't have any brown milk. So Mom walked me over to the pub next door and we had the bartender make me one.

On Sunday we put together a bookcase for Nub. I helped bang in the pegs. Mom and Dad went out to an eat place and I stayed home and helped Aunt Jenny bake ziti. We also made a cool airplane out of the bookcase boxes.

Aunts are good!


Mailboxes Etc.

I'm having fun learning about Valentine's Day. At Miss Kelly's preschool we made our very own mailboxes and then exchanged cards. We had a party with candy. Miss Kelly and Miss Charlotte also helped me make a card for Mom and Dad. It says "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love pizza and I love you."

On Sunday, Mom and I went to Elianna's house and helped make some Valentines that Elianna and her mom are going to take to a nursing home. When we arrived, Mom tried to get me to hang out in the playroom with Paige and Elianna, but I wasn't so sure of Mr. Jon who was watching us. He seems nice and all, but I like to keep around Mom or Dad until I get to know a new place or people. At the end of evening, I was feeling pretty good about the place so I did spend some time pushing trains around with Elianna.

When I go shopping I like to hang on the side of the cart because that's how garbage guys do it. I also have Mom and Dad suckered into letting me rid…

Super Bowl XLVI

I'm annoyed at Mom because she won't let me touch the Grouch button on her camera. It's right on the back. It looks like a trash can. I want to press it to see if Oscar comes out. I'll point it out to her ("Grouch button") and she just keeps telling me no.

On Friday Dad sold the yellow car. I will miss playing in it. For dinner we went to Mama Dips. During the dinner I climbed into Dad's lap and told him I was his dude. He was smitten' with me over that! 

On Saturday Mom and Dad took me to tour a preschool. There were so many things to get into that I didn't want to leave ("no go home."). At the end, they filled out some paperwork so it looks like I'll be going in the fall.  I'll be back for those toys!

Last night I got to stay up late because we went to a Super Bowl party. I had a lot of fun. While some people watched the game I got into Mr. Dave's Rock Band equipment. I also played with Paige in her kitchen. Oh, and my fa…