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Lollipop Binge

I like to copy grown up things. Mommy got a decaf peppermint mocha thingie from Starbucks and both Alden and I enjoyed taking it from her and drinking it.

Saturday was the Cary Jaycees Christmas Parade. Alden and I have always stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa during it, but this year we were big enough to go. We watched the parade from the line-up area. Mommy helped carry the opening banner and Alden went with them! Our whole family rode the Jaycees float. We got as much candy at the parade as we did for Christmas. I was doing back-to-back lollipops! Binge!

I really like when Grandpa reads to me. I request it!


Feeling Festive

We are enjoying the festivals and shows of the Christmas season. Right before Thanksgiving we went with our friends Molly and Emily to see a special children's symphony called "The Snowman." During the show, the North Carolina Symphony played music while a snowman cartoon played on a big screen and a local TV news lady read the story. It was Mommy's first symphony too.

On Friday we went to a special night time elves party at the children's museum. The best part was looking for snowflakes inside peppermint slime.

On Saturday we went to see the movie "Muppets Christmas Carol." Trent and I both did a good job sitting through it. Then we went to a Christmas craft show downtown. I didn't care about the crafts, but Trent and I spent a long time looking at the police car and firetruck. I asked all kinds of questions. The police and firefighters liked Trent and I's coats. I have a police jacket and Trent has a firefighter jacket. There was also a pirate…

Turkey Week 1

Last Tuesday we went to the Cary Jaycees Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Miss Judy makes all the traditional foods. All the adults seemed really excited, but all I ate was bread, dessert, and cranberry jelly. The best part was running, and I mean running, around with the other kids and playing with Paige (Play Doh) under the food buffet table.

On Saturday we went to Will and Colin's 1st birthday party. It was a blow out. We did crafts, ran around, and ate plenty of sweets. They had a huge cake for 60 people. I'd love to see that oven.


Living it Up in The Steel City

We went on an airplane this weekend! It all started when I was woken up early from my nap on Friday. We had to go to the airport. My friend Cookie Monster came with us. After a short flight we arrived in Pittsburgh. We drove into the city and the skyline at night was really exciting. We met up with Aunt Kat, Uncle Scott, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Balex at Hard Rock so we could get pins for our collections. We then headed to an Italian place for dinner.

The next day we went to a train museum. I really enjoyed watching the trains go around and around. After I was torn out of there we went to lunch in an eat place that is housed in a former church. I got a mixed drink garnished with gummy worms. That place really knows how to do it up! The grown ups tried rattlesnake. No thanks! After lunch we went to the children's museum.

We stayed at Uncle Balex and Aunt Jen's place. They stuffed us with treats. We stayed up late and skipped our naps. Alden slept with Uncle Balex and Aunt Jen the fi…


We had a milestone this past week. Mommy has loved that Trent stays in his crib and is very content to wait for her to come get him. She knew it wouldn't last forever. I discovered that it is very easy for me to go help him out of the crib. Then we can go downstairs and surprise Mommy and Daddy that we are up...TOGETHER!

This Saturday we went to a dinner for Jaycees at Miss Joni's house. They were having fun after working concessions at the football game. We ate take-out Mexican...well, I refused so Miss Joni was kind enough to make me a PB&J sandwich. After dinner we enjoyed playing.


Push It

Here's a sneak peek into dog and kid play at our house.



I am five today! It is a good number to be.

On Saturday we went to Marbles to play while Mommy ran in a Day of the Dead 5K. Then we went trick-or-treating in a retail area. It was Trent's first time. He figured it out pretty quick.

Trent was sick today and couldn't go to school. We think it is because he is teething and has a cold at the same time. He only likes mushy foods and he says his teeth hurt.

Mommy picked me up from school early and we went to Toys R Us. I picked out a Trashies and an Octonauts toy. Then we picked up pizza and went home to party with Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa. I made my own Jello cake yesterday. Today I decorated it.

I like birthdays!


The Halloween Capital of the World!

Mommy and I went to Minnesota for the weekend! The weekend started with her picking me up from school early. I got out of nap time! Then we went to the airport.

We arrived in Minneapolis at dinner time. We went to the Mall of America (MoA) for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Mommy and I collect pins. After dinner we went to the amusement park there (Nickelodeon Universe). It was a special "black out" night for Halloween time at Nick Universe. They dimmed the lights and put out blacklights so things would glow. My favorite ride was the Wonder Pets one. We also went to the Lego Store and they had a shockingly huge helicopter made of legos!

On Saturday morning, Mommy woke us up early. She had a Halloween 5K in St. Paul. We almost missed it because a road was closed on the route and we had to take a much longer route. Mommy didn't seem to mind, but I was cranky because it was cold! The race went along a river and we got to see the St. Paul skyline. I sat in the stroller while …

Fall Michigan Fun

Last weekend Mommy and I went to Michigan. Mommy likes to go every October to a Halloween art show.

We arrived on Friday and made quick time to the Amazing Deli, a must eat for Mommy. I got a stomach ache at the science center we visited after that and cried to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's. Fortunately I made a full recovery in time for cupcakes that evening.

Grandma and Grandpa give me a bow and arrow set which was exactly what I was hoping for.

The next day Mommy left at 6 a.m. for the show. I decided to sleep in. Then I went to some woods in Cheasing for Great-Grandpa's 92nd birthday party. Mommy met us there after the art show.  I picked up lots of acorns to feed Grandpa's deer.

I got to meet a real police dog - Mommy has a cousin who is a police officer.

On Sunday Mommy ran 10 miles. She is training for a race. We went to Johnson's Giant Pumpkin farm. The best thing there is watching the donuts being made and then eating them. We met up with Mommy's child…

Traveling Teddy

Alden got to bring home Traveling Teddy (TT) from school home for the weekend. He started out very excited about it, but by the end of the weekend got bored of Mommy and Daddy taking pictures of him.

We took TT bowling (Alden's idea), to dinner in downtown Durham (Cuban), grocery shopping, and to see "Planes 2." Planes 2 was my first movie theater movie. I sat perfectly through the whole thing. Trucks, planes, helicopters, and fires - I give it two thumbs up.

We all know Alden has some trouble getting to sleep at night. Sometimes he keeps getting out of bed. Of course at night he is the sweetest kid.  Last week Mommy was in the office on the computer after 10 p.m. and Alden went up there because he couldn't sleep and started dusting the floors. Me? I know better. I like my crib.

Speaking of cribs, Mommy and Daddy are in no hurry to kick me out. I still like it and I don't climb out yet so why bother. I take two books to bed, and many mornings I like to lay around…

What's Sop?

Trent continues to be interested in potties. He sat on the potty (his teachers call it SOP) at school twice today. Typically he asks to SOP after going in his dipe, but the grown ups seem to think it is a big deal. He also likes to put our fire fighter action figures on the potty in our toy fire station. Mommy gets the biggest kick out of that.

Trent will also comfort those crying by patting their back. Here is Trent giving me a backrub while I was having a dinner time melt down because Daddy was making me sit my my chair and eat.

Mommy and Daddy get cranky during most meals, because most meals Trent and I keep them on their toes with whining about the food, getting up and down, crazy demands, and crying for no apparent reason.