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The Age of Nerf

On Friday, we had our last day of swim lessons with Miss Shannon. Mom and Dad are proud of how far we've come. Earlier this week Trent got in big trouble from Mom for going into the deep end of the pool without an adult with him. 

On Saturday I went to my classmate Aniela's birthday party. During pizza and cake, the boys sat on one side of the room and the girls on the other. Boys rule, girls drool.

Trent and I are obsessed with Nerf guns now. We cannot play with them around Betty because she chews up the bullets. 


The Long Trek

Tonight Alden didn't feel good. I told Mommy and Daddy I wanted to go to the park. So Daddy stayed home with Alden and Mommy, Betty, and I went to the park. Typically I go in my blue push car. Mommy thinks I'm getting too big for it. She said I had to ride a bike there.

I complained the whole way to the park. I made Mommy push me on the bike. However, on the way home I decided it was ok. I still made Mommy walk next to me and hold my back, but I felt a bit better.


My Tooth is Supr Wegly

When we were in Michigan I lost my first tooth. I was on Aunt Kat's lap - she was reading me a dinosaur story. It was while I was spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa J's house. The tooth fairy gave me $4.00. She also took the tin my tooth was in.

A few days before this happened I handed Mom a note to warn her that my tooth was "supr wegly." 


Kindergarten is Done!

We are back home from our trip to Michigan. I'll share pictures from that later. For now, here is a picture of me with my kindergarten teacher. I'm all done! Watch out 1st grade.