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Small Storm Before the Big Storm

We sure have been going a lot of places these days. Mom and Dad have a lot of energy and there's just so much going on! Mom said something about needing to get out before "lockdown".

This week I had playdates with Molly and Evan. We also met up with Claire, Miss Kelly, and her sons at the pool. While we were there, Dad stayed home to work on his "honey do" list which included cleaning Nub's car seat. I enjoy rocking in it.

On Friday we went to Paige and Brendan's house and there were some Jaycees people there wanting to celebrate Nub with us.  On Saturday, we went to Will and Ellie's 1st birthday party. The best part was watching them eat cake for the first time. Welcome to the world of sugar!

Today we had dinner with Cousin Trevor, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Rob. I really laid on the charm so if my parents ever tell them about any of my stubborn toddler tricks they'll take MY side. We got to hear all about Trevor's soccer adventures. Aunt Sue ask…

Mount Mulchmore

So much has been going on around the house. Mom and Dad are going crazy getting ready for Nub. On the Friday before Mother's Day a big dump truck came to the house and dumped a bunch of mulch. It was very fun to climb and dig in it. Then some carpet dudes came and cleaned our carpet. We had to stay out of the way so we played in the backyard.

I also helped Dad move all his office stuff out of what will be Nub's room.

Then Grandma and Grandpa arrived. They brought me a tractor of my very own. As soon as I'm good at steering, I can start helping Mom and Dad around the yard. Just picture me hauling leaves and weeds to the curb! Grandma and Grandpa also helped get Nub's room ready. They painted and put his crib together. I helped by putting his laundry in the washer.

I don't know when Nub is coming, but I like to put my hands on Mom's tummy and try to guess where he is at. Mom says that is what her doctor does. I have 3 books about babies that we read together. I&…

Pronouns and Potties

There's so much going on around the house. I don't get all that is happening. Dad is busy moving furniture around. Mom is going crazy organizing and cleaning. On Sunday I thought Nub might be coming because Miss Charlotte came over. However, it turns out that Mom and Dad were just going out to see some friends before "baby lockdown."

Mom and Dad are impressed because I'm getting the hang of using some pronouns like you, he, and she. I still like to call myself Alden though.

Today a big box came from I helped Mom open it. There was an Elmo potty in it. I giggled in delight. I'm not sure I'll use it anytime soon, but it makes cool noises.


Earth Day Means Hybird Garbage Trucks!

I had another trashy weekend. On Friday Mom took me with her to run errands including getting stuff ready for Nub. I made her take and show me some dumpsters. That evening we went to Paige's birthday party. Miss Joni had to help Mom put her party shoes on! That's funny!

On Saturday we went to an art festival. They had a special Earth Day section. They had a guy dressed as a raindrop and I wanted to chase him down. I gave him a high-five. I got a snake painted on my face, but I was mad because some people thought it was a slug. Best of all, they had a hybrid garbage truck there. I waited in line to sit in it four times. The really nice garbage guys showed me how to honk the horn. It was so great!

On Sunday we went to a baseball game with Evan. I wasn't interested in the game so I let it be known that I was best walked around or taken to the playground. I had Dad take me around to look inside garbage cans.

Tonight Grandma and Grandpa Stafford came over and we took Dad out fo…