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The Party Van

Alden started preschool on Tuesday. I am happy about that because that means that I will get some more 1:1 time with Mom. Tuesday started out great, but Alden got a bit teary eyed turning into the preschool parking lot. When it was time for Mom and I to leave Alden started to cry. Mom told me it made her heart hurt to see the assistant teacher hugging him as we got in the car.

When we went to pick him up the teacher said Alden did great. He also did great on Thursday (no tears). Tonight Alden told us at bedtime that he knew he was going to be dropped off for "just a little bit"  and that he isn't going to cry tomorrow. Alden asked to have "Maisy Goes to Preschool" read to us tonight.

We got a new used car. Mom and Dad are sad about it. It is a mini van, but Mom is calling it the "party van." It is for hauling us kids and the dogs around. Alden LOVES playing with the doors and how he can walk through the middle of it.

Grandma J came to stay with us f…

Smile, It's time for preschool!

Hi everyone - It's Trent here for an update as short as my attention span. This week, it's all about cracking a smile once I've made Mom work really hard for one. - Take a look at this grin!
Trent gives in to Mom's request for a smile Cya.

Yo. It's Alden everyone! - So while the kid above me is hogging all the attention, let's talk a bit about what I've been up to.  Tomorrow is my 1st day at Preschool.  I'm not so sure about the preschool thing, but - I do like that I will have my own hook for my jacket and my backpack ! My backpack has its own hook!
In other news, Dad sold the old Green car.  I know he really liked it.  I did too. - I told Mom and Dad that I'm going to sell the new red one they bought so I can go buy another green one.
Finally - we went to Dick's Sporting Goods.  I think I'm ready to help the Detroit Lions this year. 3rd string Kicker - Alden !
More next week! -Alden

Waste Management

Friday was Mom's birthday. Dad and I made her a garbage truck birthday card. We also took her out to a place called Bonefish Grill for dinner. Mom had to make an early exit because Trent woke up while we were eating and started crying. When we got home we got to eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I love vacuum cleaners. I used the yellow vacuum cleaner to help Dad clean out the green car. I did it all by myself!

Sometimes the diaper service around here gets a bit lax. I love to check out the tractors at Home Depot. I asked Dad if they had bathrooms there. It look him a bit to figure out that the reason I was asking is because my diaper had leaked and I had wet the seat of one of the tractors. I wonder if that is the reason we went to Lowe's instead yesterday?

Mom canceled Trent's upper GI appointment. One of her friends told her what  a yucky experience it was, even for a big person. She is going to get a second opinion.

Trent smiles now, but we are having a real …

Playing Marbles

At birth, a baby's stomach is the size of a shooter marble. Well, mine sure isn't anymore as I was 14 lb 4 oz at my 2 month well visit last week. That's a 59% increase in weight over my birth weight. I've also grown over 3 inches!

Mom and Dad have been giving me this horrible tasting medicine. I hate it! My pediatrician scheduled me for something called an "upper GI" for this Friday to help find out if I really need the medicine. I don't know what an upper GI is, but I don't have a good feeling about it!

I got to met another sweet relative this weekend. Aunt Katie from Pittsburgh flew down to meet me. She enjoyed holding me, especially during our hot summer evenings in the rocking chair on the screened in porch. That's where I like to go to listen to the crickets during fussy evening time. Mom and Dad also play cricket or rain noise for me at night.

We did all kinds of fun stuff with Aunt Katie like going to our area children's museums, inclu…