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Like the Big Kids

There's so much Christmas stuff going on here. Daddy has been so busy with Grandpa working on our Christmas lights. They went live on Sunday. Also on Saturday was the Christmas Parade. Mommy helped do set up and Daddy was the announcer. Alden and I stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma.

After the parade we went over to Miss Joni and Mr. Dave's  house to have a pizza party. I sat at the kids table like a big boy. No need for a highchair for me! I enjoyed playing in Paige's play kitchen. Alden enjoyed climbing into Brendan's top bunk - especially since Miss Joni told them not to play up there.


Here's My Belly!

I love my yellow and green blankies. They have holes in them. I love to dig my fingers into the holes. Mommy washed them yesterday and I knocked down the clothes basket so I could get to them and run around with them. I sometimes like to put them in my mouth.

We went to Marbles Sunday. I am really getting the hang of role-play and figuring out how stuff works. I pushed around a grocery cart and then rang up my stuff.

Tonight while Mommy was making dinner I grabbed a spatula out of the drawer and I tried to help her with the frying pan on the stove top. I was very upset that she didn't let me. So what if it is hot? How's a guy supposed to learn?

On Saturday morning, Mommy found me pant-less in my crib. I enjoyed taking them off and throwing them along with my blankies. It is a new trick!

I know my belly now. When I show it, I get laughs. I also get funny reactions when I lift up Mommy and Daddy's shirts and give their belly buttons a tickle.


Gobble Gobble

Grandma and Grandpa S joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. Alden helped Mommy make the desserts. He is really talented at spoon licking. I enjoyed putting my feet up on the table after dinner.

There is a new helicopter at the children's museum. Alden loved it. We couldn't get him out of it.

Today was my 18m well visit. Those things are such a scam. It starts out all nice. People are smiling and telling you it is ok to run around in your dipe. Then it ends with two shots and lots of screaming. I cannot believe Mommy participated in such a horror.  I am 32.75 inches tall (62%) and 26 lb 13.5 oz (85%). My doctor did tell Mommy that she is going to get us a referral for a speech therapist. Not sure what that all is about.