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3 Months --- Three is not a charm!

Hello out there! I turned 3 months yesterday, and let me tell you, it has NOT been a pleasant experience. I thought it would be wonderful after starting the week with play dates with cuties Elianna and Mira!

Yesterday Mom and I went to our Baby Steps class. They told Mom it was time to start weaning me out of the swing. The horror! I gave out some protest cries when I heard that. Then when we got home I had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Stafford.  They are leaving for something called Arizona. Who is going to spoil me now?

After that I just wanted to settle in to a nice nap (in my swing of course!), but Mom and Dad insisted I pose for some 3 month mug shots. They said they'd help me upload those later. Then my doggies got a bit crazy because they had been stuck inside without a walk. You've heard of monkeys jumping on the bed, but wait until you see doggies jumping on the bed! After all that action, I had to wrap up the day with some significant fussing.

If that wasn&#…

Just 'Cuz

Hi to all my Aldenologists out there !

I told you what a great Christmas I had, but it's been hard to show you because Mom & Dad are computer geeks and don't always keep their pictures in the same place. (Dad claims to have a solution, but we'll see.)

Here is one of my favorite pictures.  I'd call it "Passing the Torch".  I'm now the youngest Grandson and Trevor is now a 'Big Cousin' !

Big Cousin Trev holding Alden

Most of you know that all my cousins are on my Dad's side of the family and they are all super-cool.  I want to be as musically talented as my cousin Chris, as tall (or taller) and good at Basketball as my cousin Nick and as cool and fun to be around as my cousin Trevor.

Alden, Chris, Trevor & Nick

I'd say I'm in pretty great company wouldn't you ?

Till next time -
Cousin Alden

More firsts and typical day shots...

Last Friday Colin-G and I joined our moms for our first yoga class. We were the youngest there. Our moms didn't find it much of a workout, and unlike the other older babies, we didn't think the songs were too amusing. Mom made some comment about how it was weird to hear Green Day in Muzak form.  However, I did find it interesting to see crawling demonstrated, which I found to be more affective than wiggling as I do. I'm going to work my way up to crawling!

On Monday Mom and Dad took me car shopping. I'm such an influence around the house --- they decided it was time to start looking for something more appropriate for me. I'm very excited that my vote is a major factor. Dad said it is a Stafford past time to visit car dealerships. I also helped by collecting brochures.

Helping Dad kick a Honda's tires

Here's some shots of me doing my typical daily activities.

I've found my fingers and they are delicious!

I'm now grabbing toys in my gym

I love swinging!


Alden and his dog Mallory

Mallory ties to share the baby-gym with Alden

I had quite the busy day today.  After my first "Baby-Steps" class with Mommy, I had to make sure that I was noticed.  To ensure my new friends knew I was there, I yelled at the top of my lungs for all to hear.  I'm pretty sure they took notice. At least it got me a walking tour of the facility.

Once we returned home, Michelle and Kristi brought over my buddy Colin and we went cruising around the neighborhood. We had to show off our awesome mommy-powered rides.

Then I went for a workout in my baby-gym.  My crazy dog Mallory decided that she needed similar exercise and stimulation and tried to join me. Mallory always tries to nose in wherever fun, food, or attention is to be had. Mallory cannot wait for me to start solids. She's offered to help me clean up.

We found out this week that Aunt Katie is coming for a visit next month! I hope she'll be my Valentine!

Alden after learning Aunt Katie is coming

Hello 2010 !

One of the best things that happened this Christmas is that I got to spend time with lots of my relatives from all over.  My Uncle Bob & Aunt Beth brought my cousins Nick & Chris down from Michigan which was especially cool.  I've now met all my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  Uncle Bob has this camera thing attached to his arm and these crazy lights that blink where you'd least expect it.

Here's a picture he took of me hanging out on my red sofa...
Alden shows off his amazing neck muscles

Okay - Back to watching the Central Michigan Chippewas at the GMAC bowl on national TV. - Fire up Chips !