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Oh Blue Christmas Tree

The house is noisy. I like to be loud with my garbage trucks. Mallory is mad that she is stuck in her kennel with her boo-boo leg so she whines and barks a lot.

I had such a good time last week building a house at Marbles that we did it again. We took Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa and I built another house. I took it home, but I want to add more to it later. It has a chimney so Santa can come to it.

Mom stayed home so she could clean. Boring! She put away all of Trent's 6 month size clothes since he has outgrown them.

On Saturday we went to 3 parties. First in the morning we went to a kid birthday party. I had my first roasted marshmallow. I did not like it so I gave it to Mom. Then we went to our neighbor's and I enjoyed playing with Amar's toys. I also tried naan bread for the first time. In the evening we went to Mr. Chris' MBA graduation party. We got to decorate cookies and make a dreidel out of marshmallows. 

Trent and I have our own Christmas tree. It is blue w…

Little Buds

So much news to share! Last week I had my 6 month well visit. I am now over 20 pounds and 28" tall. I can sit up on my own for some seconds if someone gets me in position first. Little teeth buds have also appeared in the bottom of my mouth.

I'm an excellent splasher in the tub now!

Saturday was a weird day. Mom and Dad took off early in the morning to work at something called a parade. We had Miss Charlotte, Miss Shannon, Paige, Brendan, Grandpa, and Grandma all over at various times of the day. That evening some Jaycees people came over to eat pizza and keep me up past my bedtime. I almost fell asleep in my high chair. 

Dad is done (for the most part) putting up his Christmas lights.

On Sunday we went to Marbles. I played in the 18 month and younger section for the first time. Alden and Mom really enjoyed making a wood pretend house and then painting it. He also made a wooden screw holder.  Alden loves tools. Alden wants to build a real house.

Sometimes Mom takes me for …

Late Night Invaders

Hi all. Mom and Dad STILL have me in my bassinet in their room. I'm totally busting out of that thing. They need to upgrade me to my crib! Mom isn't in a hurry because I'm her last baby.

Last night Alden busted into Mom and Dad's bed in the middle of the night. It sounds cuddly to have a sweet preschooler crawl into bed with you right? Wrong! Prepared to be kicked all night. Alden cannot stay still nor orientated correctly. When Mom woke up this morning Alden was upside down with his head under the blanket and his feet on the pillow. Mallory loves to sleep up there too. I cannot wait until I can join in.

Alden has a new nickname, "Oatmeal Dictator." No good mornings from that kid --- he busts in the morning saying "Make me some oatmeal." No "good morning" or nothing! Mom told him she needed 5 more minutes in bed. Alden told her she could make his oatmeal and then go back for 5 more minutes.

Mom is not so keen on my new wake-up time of 6:3…

Look No Film!

As promised, here are the results from our October family photos.

Trent enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and he's tried "solids" now --- that is if you can call that watery rice cereal solids. He is more interested in gumming his bib than eating. Mom is putting away his 6 month clothes and getting out the 9 month stuff.


Fall Fun

Mom finally got some photos back from her Monster Dash 5K (back in October). I will share 2 of them below.

We should have all of our family photo shoot pictures back soon. I shared a sneak peak below.

Last Tuesday I cried when I was getting dropped off at school, but once I got into class I felt better. I told Mom that I don't need to go to preschool because I know everything. I know the sound that the letter A makes. Last week we had a Thanksgiving sing-along that our families were invited to. I enjoyed sitting next to my teacher Ms. Brenda and snuggling up to her.

 Miss Charlotte has been hanging out with us more because Mom is working on the Christmas parade. It is a part-time job for her.

Mom was sick with an ut-oh tummy this weekend. Dad had to take over. He is tired.

Today Mom and I went exploring in the park by our house. We looked for trolls under the bridge (Mom told me they aren't real), crossed a stream, and pretended to fly airplanes. I enjoyed finding moss. I lo…

Hot Weiners

On Friday I rolled both ways and Mom missed it. I have rolled back to tummy in front of people before, but this was my first time going from tummy to back. It felt a bit weird so I haven't done it since. Mom left me in my gym on my back so she could heat up lunch. Next she looked I was on my tummy and then SHAZAM I was on my back again! I also showed that the mat in my gym cannot contain me any longer. I'm rolling baby!

I haven't started on solids yet, but Mom is thinking next week will be good. Most of my other 5 month friends are on solids already, but my doc said to hold me off a bit longer since my big bro has a food allergy. I'm excited to try solids as the other people in this house really like them.

This weekend Aunt Jenny and Mr. Balex came to visit us. Aunt Jenny is very good at snuggling with me. We took them to two children's museums and some famous hot dog place has been on TV. They loved the 70 degree weather we had ordered just for them. Dad also conn…

A Happy Halloween!

Last year I didn't trick-or-treat, but this year I decided to give it a try. It was awesome. Mom and Dad prepared me on what I'd need to do and what I would see. They reminded me that all the spooky stuff is just pretend.

This year I was Cookie Monster. It was a great choice because it is a cozy costume and it was a bit chilly that evening. Mom took me out first while Dad stayed back with Trent to pass out candy. The first house I went to was Mr Mason and Miss Rhonda's. I made Mom come on the porch with me but I handled ringing the doorbell and saying "trick-or-treat."  Mom took me to a few places and then I got to go out with Dad. They were surprised how long I was able to go.

One neighbor turned their house into a big monster. It had glowing eyes in the windows and teeth on the porch. Another made his porch into a pirate ship and was shooting candy with an air cannon. That was the best!

Trent didn't dress up, but don't feel bad for him. Mom had four Ha…

I'm 3!

I turned 3 and we've been celebrating for days. On Thursday Mom and Dad came into my preschool at the end of class. Most parents have been bringing in birthday sweets, but Mom thought we had too many sweets so she brought in Halloween Play Doh. I handed it out to each of my classmates and they sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I also got to wear a crown.

On Friday I had a Pumpkin Playdate with my Baby Steps friends. We enjoyed making a mess with paint and glue. We also got wild in the rice bin. I enjoyed showing off my battery powered tractor and 4 wheeler. For dinner we had my favorite --- pizza!

Saturday was my actual birthday. When I got up Mom and Dad had presents for me wrapped  under our big Halloween tree. There were also gifts from my grandparents in Michigan. I got lots of cool stuff: a garbage truck, Matchbox cars, airplanes, an airport, a helicopter, and a bouncy ball. Mom wasn't feeling good so she hung around in her jammies. She went to the doctor and they t…

If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula Look About You

We have been so busy lately. We've been to several pumpkin farms and a birthday party. This evening I helped Dad put up some Halloween lights for Mom.  I'm excited for my birthday this Saturday. I've asked for an airplane.

Finally, here's some random pictures from our trip to Michigan earlier this month. It was Trent's first trip ever (and first flight!).


On a Roll

This will be short since we are all sleepy. We've been having a busy fall. I took my first flight and trip to Michigan,  but more on that later when Mom and Dad can help me get the photos off their phones.

This weekend I was playing on a blanket on the floor on my back. I got up on my side and then before I knew it, I was on my belly. Mom was really excited about it. I'm not sure when I'll do it again, but Mom and Dad called it a milestone.

I'm also getting good at grabbing for my bottle and I'm growing more and more interactive. I love to smile. I can also sit up in a Bumbo chair. Sometimes I drool a lot.

When I wake up in the morning I just make cute noises. I don't cry. Then Mom or Dad comes and grabs me.


Sleeping it Off

Zzzzz....I went to the doctor today for my 4m well visit and I was assaulted with 3 pokes and one dose of yucky stuff.  I've been sleeping a lot of the day. I cannot believe Mom signed the consent for for all that torture. 

I am 17 lb and 26 inches tall. That means I've grown 4.5 inches and I'll have doubled my birth weight very soon (I started at 8 lb 15 oz).  Amazing what I can accomplish in one quarter! I can now hold my head up well, put things in my mouth, drool, make spit bubbles, and make a whole range of cute sounds. I smile back at people.  I'm also really good at diaper blow outs. I no longer mold myself "treefrog" style into someone when they hold me.

Doc said to wait until 6m to introduce me to solids so Mom and Dad have a little bit more time before I start making food messes. I mainly nurse, but I get some formula too.

I'm still sleeping in Mom and Dad's room in my bassinet, but I'm getting quite big for it. During the night, I lik…

Meet and Greet

We have been so busy! On Friday, my preschool had a field trip to a farm place called Green Acres. It was really cool. They had a lot of tractors to climb on. They also had a BIG sand pile with tons of toys to play with. I'll definitely be going back. Mom wasn't very fun though because she had a cold and hadn't had enough sleep. Doesn't she know we never give her a day off?

Then later that day, Grandma and Grandpa Stafford arrived. They greeted me first and then I let them meet Trent for the first time.

Trent is doing really well with his toys and is getting good at pulling them to his mouth.

On Saturday I took Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa to Marbles. Mom stayed home so she could clean and start putting up Halloween decorations.

On Sunday I got a new awesome garbage truck for pooping in the potty. I have just pooped in the potty once, because all I need at this time is just one new toy. I will not be bribed.  There are also promises of ice cream for using the potty, but I…

We Are Biology

Today I really miss Womb World. It was so easy back then. I hung out in my hot tub having every need met perfectly 24/7.  Now I'm stuck with all these weird happenings like bubbly gassy digestion and breathing. Breathing is very hard now as my brother gave me a stinkin' cold! Urgh! I'm so crabby. Since he was the first kid he got off easy on colds his first year and now I get stuck with all the preschooler germs he brings home.

Alden had a lapse at preschool last week. He started crying on the playground that he wanted to go home and take a nap. That's funny since Alden is the king of fighting naps and bedtime. Me, I want to nap on Mom or Dad if I'm not in the car seat or stroller, but I'm a great night sleeper. Anyhow Alden has a habit of napping or asking to nap when he needs comfort when he's left with someone he doesn't know well. He just wants to go hide in bed until it's all over. Anyhow, his teacher took him in and got him some water and he c…

Trainer Trent

On Saturday we went to some dog Olympics. Alden and I didn't think it was very interesting so we fell asleep in the stroller. Alden woke up during the police dog demo and he was crabby.

I'm working on my grasp. Mom will put a rattle in my hand and I'll grab on and wave it around. It is a great workout and my newest trick.

I'm helping coach Mom on her jogging. I give her some extra weight to push for a bonus challenge. I smile at her to keep her motivated. Today we went to a park for our group training session. There were a lot of other Moms there. Dad and Alden went to the play ground while I watched the blue sky and leaves go by from the stroller.


Trent's Crib

I've been doing great at preschool. I don't cry anymore and I know Mom will come to pick me up "in a little bit." 

We got a cool new stroller over the weekend. It is so Mom can jog with one of us. She is training for something called a 5K. The other stroller was just too heavy!

Today Mom pushed me in the stroller with the dogs. We went down the road where they are building a building and working on the street. It was so fun to watch the construction dudes. There was an excavator digging and putting the dirt in a dump truck. There was also a cement pump truck. You don't see those often.

We finally took some pictures of Trent's nursery. Over the long weekend Dad and I went to Lowe's to get a light plate so now his room is all done. Now that the pictures are done, I can go mess it up!


The Party Van

Alden started preschool on Tuesday. I am happy about that because that means that I will get some more 1:1 time with Mom. Tuesday started out great, but Alden got a bit teary eyed turning into the preschool parking lot. When it was time for Mom and I to leave Alden started to cry. Mom told me it made her heart hurt to see the assistant teacher hugging him as we got in the car.

When we went to pick him up the teacher said Alden did great. He also did great on Thursday (no tears). Tonight Alden told us at bedtime that he knew he was going to be dropped off for "just a little bit"  and that he isn't going to cry tomorrow. Alden asked to have "Maisy Goes to Preschool" read to us tonight.

We got a new used car. Mom and Dad are sad about it. It is a mini van, but Mom is calling it the "party van." It is for hauling us kids and the dogs around. Alden LOVES playing with the doors and how he can walk through the middle of it.

Grandma J came to stay with us f…