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Showing posts from September, 2016

Boys Weekend

Mommy was in Michigan this weekend. She went to go to a Halloween art show. It's her big event of the season. We ate lots of junk food and went to Marbles.

Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex had their babies, Caroline and Thomas. When Mommy told Trent the news, he said "Oh, they figured it out" in reference to knowing if they were boys or girls. Trent will be in charge of showing the babies how to put on their pants.


Bug's Life

We attended the Bug Fest at the Natural Sciences Museum this weekend.


The Night Stylist

Sometimes after she puts me to bed, Mommy goes upstairs to work on the computer. This is when I become the sweetest guy. I go up there and offer to comb her hair. I go up there and offer to sweep and wipe the floor. I'm so helpful when I'm supposed to be in bed.


Labor Day Weekend

How great to have a holiday weekend. We had Mexican food for dinner on Friday.

On Sunday I went to Samridh's birthday party. It was awesome. It was at Three Bears Acres. I was disappointed he didn't open the gifts at the party because I wanted to show him the firetruck I picked out for him. Sunday night we went to a cookout at a neighbor's house.

Tomorrow I start in the Pre-K room at school. I'll have Ms. Christin. Alden had her. She's great.