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Everyone Loves a Parade

On Saturday we went to the annual Cary Jaycees Christmas Parade. Mommy helped do the set up. Uncle Bob was the announcer. Mommy and Alden helped walk the opening banner with Brendan and Miss Joni. We spoke to a nice police officer and he gave us some stickers. Near the end, we got to ride a float and toss candy. That was the best part. There was also a fun post-parade pizza party at Miss Joni's house.

Today I went to Spencer's Christmas party. I loved getting into his toys. We bounced like crazy in his bounce house. We decorated gingerbread houses. I didn't want to leave.


Waiting Is Hard

Waiting for Christmas is hard...


Sky and Light Shows

I'm helping Dad put up his light show this year. What perfect weather we had over the weekend to work on it!

Neither Trent nor I like Thanksgiving food. This year I fell asleep before dinner. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and then went to get Mommy to get me some food. She got me some pie. Then she was upset to see the dishwasher had flooded the kitchen floor. Daddy, Carson, and Grandpa helped put in a new dishwasher (and faucet - that was leaking).

On Friday we went to the planetarium with our friends Emily and Molly. We learned how to find the big dipper.



Today started out like a lot of days. I went to school. When Mommy came to pick me up, she told me that Mallory died today.

Mallory had a bump that was making her sick for a long time. Today Mommy and Daddy had to take Mallory to the vet so she wouldn't be uncomfortable anymore. They knew this day was coming, but they didn't know exactly when.

At first I was shocked, but then I wanted to be alone in my room for a bit to cry. Then I felt better for awhile. We had dinner and I stayed home with Daddy to do my homework while Mommy and Trent went to the grocery store.

I started missing Mallory when it was time to go to bed. I asked Mommy a million questions about what happened to Mallory. I couldn't stop thinking about her while I was in bed.

My friend Mallory at school had a dog die too. I am going to tell her about my Mallory tomorrow.

Trent doesn't get it at all. Mommy said Trent won't remember Mallory, but I will.


Dance Party

Sometimes I like to put on music in my room and dance around with blankets.



On Friday we went to see the Peanuts movie. It was cute.

On Saturday we went to see Hotel Transylvania Two. It was a rainy and dark weekend. Before the movie we went out for cupcakes. They rocked.


Happy Halloween

Alden had a field trip to a pumpkin farm on his birthday. Mommy went with him as a chaperone. It was a cold and rainy day. They had fun, but cut the field trip a bit short. Daddy picked up Alden to school and they went to Toys R Us where Alden picked out some military toys. When they got back, Alden picked Ci Ci's pizza for dinner. Upon returning home, we had birthday cake decorated with a military jet on top and cameo sides. Alden declared it good to be 6.

On Friday, while Alden was at school, Mommy and I met up with some old friends, Miss Kim and her sons Nathan and Ryan. We went to a park. It was cold and wet. After the park we went to a Halloween library story-time.

On Friday we went to the haunted trail Mommy was working on. One of the tractors got stuck in the mud so it took a lot time for us to get a ride. It was supposed to be light out, but by the time we got on it was dark. It was scary.

For Halloween I was a scary dragon and Alden was Mr. Incredible. We got lots of can…

More Pre-Halloween Fun

Last Wednesday was Back to the Future Day. In the 2nd movie, when they traveled to the future, they went to October 21, 2015. That evening we had the Cary Jaycees over to decorate pumpkins and then we watched the movie.

Since school was still on track-out, I attended a fun camp. They painted my face to look like Frankenstein. Mom approved.

On Saturday we went to Marbles while Mom ran a Day of the Dead 5K. Later that night we went back for a Halloween party there.

Tomorrow I turn six!


A Blazing Weekend

We went to New York for the weekend. We arrived home today exhausted after a weekend of partying it up Big Apple style.

Our weekend started in Sleepy Hollow. Grandma, Aunt Jen, and Aunt Kat met us there. We flew into New Jersey. We drove to Sleepy Hollow. On Saturday morning Mom and the Aunts did a 10K in Sleepy Hollow. We joined them at lunch time. We ate at a firefighter themed pub. Then we toured around downtown. Mom loved the Halloweenish stuff. We loved the firetrucks and bounce house at the street fair. We toured the cemetery too.  Mom loves old cemeteries. Daddy does not find them interesting and neither do we. At night we went to a big jack o'lantern show called the Great Blaze. After the Blaze we went out for dessert at a diner. We were out until 11:30 p.m. Party on!

Everyone was impressed by my stinky feet. I stayed in the Grandma and Aunts' room Saturday night so they could enjoy them.

On Sunday we said goodbye to Grandma and the Aunts and took a train to New York …

MI Halloween Fun

We had some Halloween fun in Michigan. Here's some pictures. We went to an area near Ann Arbor and a northern resort.


Parks and Rec

We went to the dentist on Thursday. To celebrate no cavities, we went to Pullen Park. It was great to go on a weekday!

Today we went to the science museum and checked out the new Hideaway Woods play area.

We are enjoying the cooler weather.

There was a blood moon today, but the weather was too cloudy to see it. Mom and Dad let us sleep.