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I Work Out

I have a mind of my own now. If Mommy thinks she can pick out my clothes in the morning, she better think again. In fact, on Friday I refused to even get dressed in the morning. There's nothing as freeing as running into your closet sans diaper and peeing on the carpet or enjoying a relaxing birthday suit breakfast.

The mall has a new playground that we enjoyed playing at on Saturday.

I take a gym class. With me starting school next month, Mommy hasn't decided if I'm going to continue in it or not...but I'm enjoying it for now.


More Hoops

This weekend I enjoyed shooting hoops at Marbles.

When we go to the park, I enjoy watching the big kids and grown-ups play games.


I Love Cake

On Saturday we did an art class as a family. It was at the community center. I was disappointed because when I saw the building I thought we were going in for basketball. Instead they had us making jellyfish crafts. The best part was using the blow dryer to dry the paint. Once I had enough I ran into the gym. No basketball, but there were a lot of people in there playing pickleball. I sat and watch for a bit. I attracted a lot of attention.

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday.In the morning she did a race. We had a greasy lunch of burgers and grilled cheese so were weren't very hungry for dinner. Instead we had birthday cake for dinner and that was pretty fantastic! I got to help Alden put the candles in Mommy's cake. There were so many on there it got really hot. Mommy blew them out in one try!

Daddy tried to throw the candles out but that made me cry. So he left them in a bowl. I went and ate one and then Daddy had to help me get the string out of my mouth.

I'm already lo…

I Love Cupcakes

I love cupcakes.

Today we went to dinner at a place near a cupcake shop. I cannot read, but I can recognize a picture of a cupcake on a sign. I kept running from the boring Greek restaurant we were at  over to the cupcake shop. Once I let myself in I wasn't really sure what I should do. Mommy and Daddy kept carrying me out.

This repeated several times. Alas, I was not able to get them to buy me a cupcake. Mommy and Daddy said I could not get a cupcake because I refused to eat my dinner.