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8 Months

I turned 8 months old on Sunday. Can you believe it? To celebrate, Mom and Dad took me to get my pictures taken. Mom is all excited about some 4th of July thing so she got me a special outfit to wear. I smile more for my pictures now. I'm such a fast crawler. The photographer has to move quick!

I'm not sure what milestone I'm going to work on this month. Mom has asked that it be better napping skills. Whatever. Um, I think I'll work on pulling up on more stuff.

Now for the good stuff - my 8th month pictures.

A is for Alden.
Alden crawling out of position. Again.

Alden is all ready for July 4th.

City of Auntie Love

Philadelphia may be "The City of Brotherly Love" but I've learned that Pittsburgh is the city of Auntie love! I recently returned from a weekend of firsts: flight, sleepover, zoo, celebrating Father's Day with my dad, and first state outside of my birth state. Put a pin on my map, folks!

I was well behaved on my first flight. Mom and dad sure had to pack a lot of stuff for me. I don't travel light.

At Aunt Jenny and Katie's I enjoyed showing off my crawling skills and chasing Lola the cat. I showed them how ordinary household objects can be used as toys. They surprised me with a really cool lion toy and a new book. I surprised them with my ability to forgo naps when too much is going on. We got to take a dip in their community pool.

They took me shopping and to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I DO NOT like elephants. They are too loud and scary. They made me cry.

Here's some pictures from my big weekend.
A toothy grin from Alden while checking in for his first fli…

In and Through

Hello out there! I've been working hard on my motorskills. I'm up to full hands and knees crawling now. No more army crawling unless I'm in the mood for it. I'm pulling up on more and more stuff. People, furniture, toys, you name it, I'll try crawling over it, or pulling up on it.

My favorite food is blueberries. I'm making progress on learning how to use a sippy cup.

I still like my doorway jumper. If you want to make me laugh, playing Peek-a-Boo, snorting like a pig, or burping will do the trick. I love crawling around and playing with my toys.

There's two baby gates up now. Ah, the gated community has begun.

My Grandma Linda came down to hang with me. I had a great time reminding her how much work, although fun, babies are. I also met my Great Uncle Tom and his daughter, Laura. I'm not sure what Laura's official title is to me besides Mom's cousin, but she's a cool lady!

Alden learned the concept of "in"...
...and then the co…

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi all. I had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I understand that the holiday is to honor those who gave all in service to their country. I used the time to have some fun with my toys and friends. Here's some pictures.

Alden hard at play.

Alden and his Michigan buddy, Quinn, finally got to hang out! No, no eat grass!

Alden learned he loves ballons while attending his first party.

Alden tried to make a baby totem pole with birthday boy, Colin H.

Working the Leap Frog table top with Colin G.

Alden with his new canine friend, Rosebud.

7 Months - A Progress Report

Hello out there! I celebrated my 7 month birthday on May 27. What an exciting time for me. Mom told me my MBOs (management by objectives) for my 7th month were teeth and mobility. I also added my own "get into stuff" objective.  Here's how I'm doing:

Teeth: Complete. After a few weeks of nubs, on May 28, Mom spotted two bottom teeth.

Mobility: In progress. I'm really good at creeping (AKA army crawling). I'm working on my speed and endurance. On May 29, I bumped my head while creeping around and got my first of what is sure to be many bruises.

Getting Into Stuff: In progress (I'll always be working on this one!). I've blown this one out of the water. I can now open drawers and cabinets. I haven't figured out how to keep them open, but that's next. I'm really interested in the plastic faces on the walls. For some reason, Mom and Dad covered them up with plastic plugs. That's no fun. I'm also interested in wires. Dad likes them so much…