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Hi there - here is our weekend in some pictures. We'll report on Easter next week as those pictures are on Daddy's phone.

The big news is we adopted a dog. Her name was Noelle, but we renamed her Betty. She is about 5 months old and 20 pounds.

Something Mommy thought was funny - while drinking juice out of a wine glass this evening, Alden said when he grows up he is going to invent a wine glass without a solid stem so you can fit more in it.



We had a big hail storm last week. It sounded like someone was stomping on the house. It kept us from going to bed on time.

Alden had a bug this week and missed the science fair at school. Mom got the bug on Saturday. Thankfully she was better on Sunday.

The dog hunt continues. We had a foster dog named Ella over night Friday. Alex did not like her at all. We met a dog named Lily today. Mom and Dad loved her. Alex didn't bond with her.

We enjoyed going for a walk earlier in the week. They are cutting the trees down next to our neighborhood to put up another housing development. Mom and Dad are sad to see the trees go. We did enjoy watching the digger put big trees into a giant shredder.


Dog Days of Spring

We didn't end up adopting Stella. She was barking at me and she growled a kid walking by us on the side walk. We are going to meet some new dogs this Friday.

Alden is working on his first science project.

I like wearing swim flippers around the house.

The spring flowers are out. Daddy cleaned the garage yesterday and took down the remaining Christmas lights.

Mommy thought it was really funny the other night when she came downstairs to find me passed out in the hallway.



More dog stuff going on this weekend. We are doing a trial-to-adopt with a puppy named Stella. She is very sweet and loving. She favors Mommy. She is peeing on the floor a lot.

We got our hair cut yesterday. I do just fine. I can go back by myself. Alden screams and cries. This time he tried using swim googles (he claims getting hair in his eyes hurts), but it didn't work well.


Auntly Visit

Aunt Kat came to visit us this weekend. On Friday we took her to meet two rescue dogs: Thomas and Stella. Both are super cute. However, Alex got along with Stella better so we are going to have her over for a trial-to-adopt this upcoming week.

We went to eat several times, and Aunt Kat even made us dinner on Sunday.

On Saturday Mom, Aunt Kat, Alex and I went for a long walk. I rode my bike. I got really frustrated that we were gone so long. It was way too much for me. I cried and for awhile, refused to move.

Trent was still sick over the weekend. Last night I complained of a headache. Then I threw up and got a fever. I stayed home from school today. I went to the doctor where I tested negative for strep. I am miserable.