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Man of the Wilderness

Hello there! This weekend Mom and Dad took me to pretend camping. That's when you go hang out at a campsite with the Jaycees but don't spend the night. For some reason, they didn't think I would be good at sleeping in a tent.

The best thing about camping was digging in the dirt. Between my drool, the dirt, the stickiness of dinner,  and the smell of camp smoke on my clothes, I was ripe for a bath at the end of the evening. But I don't care, I love to be dirty and I know nothing of these "germs" others speak about.

Paige and Brendan have a pop-up camper. I had a great time opening and shutting its door and dragging their broom outside.

After dinner we made s'mores. They live up to their name!

Speaking of nature, we have 13 year cicadas going off. These crazy bugs live in the ground for 13 years and then come out and make more noise than a troop of toddlers on a rampage. They are supposed to go away in a few weeks and will come back in 2024. I'll be …

A is for Alden. B is for Buzz.

I have a new hair style. I did not choose this new 'do. It went down on Friday. Mom made some comment about "your appointment" so we got in the car and headed to some place we had never been before. Turns out Mom wanted to try a new kids cut place. I walked in and it looked innocent enough, but I'm old enough to know a house of torment when I see one. There were all kinds of spinny chairs and some chairs that look like cars.

They tried to get me to sit in one of the cars but I was on to them. This was one of those horrible hair cutting places. I knew if I sat down the torture would begin. They tried and tried to get me to sit, but I kept standing tall. Finally they had me sit on Mom's lap in one of the spinny chairs. I figured if I was that close to Mom that I would be safe. Not! Next the cape of oppression came out. I refused it. Then came the scissors which scare me. I wasn't going to let those things near me. Heart racing, I cried and wiggled to avoid the …

Philadelphia - Not Just a Cheese

We went to Philadelphia for the weekend. Mom did a great job entertaining me on the flight up. She even had some guy tell her I was the best behaved toddler he had ever seen on a plane. She owes it all to good snacks, airplane stickers, and iPad games.

Mom and Dad took me to the Hard Rock Cafe. They wanted to start a pin collection for me. I fell asleep in the car on the way over there. Boy, was I mad to be woken up to go into the cafe. What were they thinking interrupting my schedule AND my nap? I let them know it too. I spent my first Hard Rock visit fussing. I didn't like the food. I picked out a Ben Franklin pin on the way out.

On Saturday Dad and I went to the Please Touch Museum. It was heaven. I got to drive a bus, hop on lily pads, go shopping, cook, and so much more. I rode a carousel for the first time.

Then we got Mom and went to the second largest mall in the country. Mom and Dad thought they could wheel me around in my stroller. I got news for them. I'm done wi…

A Royal Weekend

I am toddler ruler of my household. I had an absolutely majestic weekend. On Friday morning we got up and Mom wanted to watch the Royal Wedding. All I saw was some kiss scene. It was very boring except for the cool airplanes during the fly over.

We then went to a nature class at a park. I found the worker guys with the wheelbarrows and tools to be more interesting than the frogs we were trying to find. The coolest thing was the copperhead in the exhibit inside. I am interested in snakes. Everytime I see one I say "Ssssss".

Friday night we went to Paige's Princess party in honor of her 2nd birthday. She really knows how to give her guests the imperal treatment. I painted a airplane, ate pizza, and played with heaps of yard toys.

Saturday Mom took me to her friend Michelle's party. They were very nice to me, but I got really upset because nobody would share their ice cream drinks with me.

As if two parties weren't enough - on Sunday we attended Karissa's 3rd…