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Packing Peanuts Don't Cause Allergies Only Trouble

I'm so cute.  I delighted Mom and Dad recently with winning quips such as "Miss Charlotte City" (Mom told me it was just called Charlotte), getting my haircut at Dad's big boy place (my first non-kid place haircut) on Saturday, and asking to watch the Ghostbusters theme song video. I now imitate the guy making his finger go around and around during the song. Mom told me the guy does that because you had to do that on phones in the old days.

Tonight I had lots of fun dumping out a box of packing peanuts. Oh, and they were so much fun to stomp on! Mom was not pleased. I pulled out a "Alden make mess for Mama" in my cutest voice. She was not thrilled. I told her I would sweep it. I guess she didn't like my sweeping because the dogs got kicked outside and I got grounded to the couch while she went after the mess. Later she calmed down and let me help vacuum up the smaller pieces. Sure she was mad, but it was totally worth it!



On Friday, Mom took me to an indoor pool to have a playdate with Claire. I'm not so sure about swimming. I think it is more fun to get into stuff around the pool. As we were leaving the pool I made Mom help me find the dumpsters. Then we had noodles at an eat place for lunch. Before heading home we found the dumpsters there. Mom was impressed because I was able to identify the grease dumpster on my own. She didn't know Dad had taught me all about them.

I have a new big boy construction puzzle that Mom and Dad gave me on Friday. By Saturday they were impressed that I can put it together on my own. I've long outgrown my big wood shape puzzles.

On Sunday, we went to an eat place and Mom and Dad kept talking about going to see some trucks. I didn't know what the heck they were talking about so I kept insisting that we go check out the dumpsters and trash cans instead.

Finally they got me away from that and we went to a mall parking lot where they had every kind of truck …

Easter Bunny Brings Garbage Truck!

Yesterday was Easter. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had given Mom and Dad a hard time about putting me to bed the night before. I wanted more sleep after all that fussing, but they came to get me at 8 a.m. When we got downstairs there was a path of yarn to follow. They told me the Easter Bunny left that so I could find my basket.

Dad helped me follow the yarn and at the end of it was some books, an Earnie game, and a glorious green garbage truck. I love the garbage truck. I have several trash cans and a dumpster I can use with it. Mom and Dad wanted to take me to Paige and Brendan's house for some kind of "egg hunt." I didn't want to leave because I was too busy with my new garbage truck. To get me moving, Mom and Dad said we could bring it with us.

We headed in the wagon to Paige and Brendan's where I discovered I do like egg hunts. Why? Because Easter eggs have candy in them! I would open every egg and eat the candy out of it before looking for more…

Florida Dumpster Hunting

Guess what? We traveled to Florida last week.

On the day we were supposed to fly out, I had a cold. In the car on the way to the airport, I threw up my morning snack. That was an unpleasant surprise. Dad pulled over so they could clean me up in a McDonald's restroom. Dad called the airline and they said we could change our flight over the phone for $1200 or go to the airport and see if they'd declare us unfit to fly and let us switch. So we had to continue on to the airport, me crying and screaming "go home" all the way. It was awful. I threw up again upon pulling into the airport so I had to be cleaned up again. At least we had a visual aid for the ticket agent!

The next day I was feeling better so we got on our airplane. When we got in our rental car it was really funny because Dad couldn't figure out how to change the display from Spanish to English.

We drove to Lakeland for our "sleep place" of the evening. When we got there, we found Uncle Bob and …