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Look No Film!

As promised, here are the results from our October family photos.

Trent enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and he's tried "solids" now --- that is if you can call that watery rice cereal solids. He is more interested in gumming his bib than eating. Mom is putting away his 6 month clothes and getting out the 9 month stuff.


Fall Fun

Mom finally got some photos back from her Monster Dash 5K (back in October). I will share 2 of them below.

We should have all of our family photo shoot pictures back soon. I shared a sneak peak below.

Last Tuesday I cried when I was getting dropped off at school, but once I got into class I felt better. I told Mom that I don't need to go to preschool because I know everything. I know the sound that the letter A makes. Last week we had a Thanksgiving sing-along that our families were invited to. I enjoyed sitting next to my teacher Ms. Brenda and snuggling up to her.

 Miss Charlotte has been hanging out with us more because Mom is working on the Christmas parade. It is a part-time job for her.

Mom was sick with an ut-oh tummy this weekend. Dad had to take over. He is tired.

Today Mom and I went exploring in the park by our house. We looked for trolls under the bridge (Mom told me they aren't real), crossed a stream, and pretended to fly airplanes. I enjoyed finding moss. I lo…

Hot Weiners

On Friday I rolled both ways and Mom missed it. I have rolled back to tummy in front of people before, but this was my first time going from tummy to back. It felt a bit weird so I haven't done it since. Mom left me in my gym on my back so she could heat up lunch. Next she looked I was on my tummy and then SHAZAM I was on my back again! I also showed that the mat in my gym cannot contain me any longer. I'm rolling baby!

I haven't started on solids yet, but Mom is thinking next week will be good. Most of my other 5 month friends are on solids already, but my doc said to hold me off a bit longer since my big bro has a food allergy. I'm excited to try solids as the other people in this house really like them.

This weekend Aunt Jenny and Mr. Balex came to visit us. Aunt Jenny is very good at snuggling with me. We took them to two children's museums and some famous hot dog place has been on TV. They loved the 70 degree weather we had ordered just for them. Dad also conn…

A Happy Halloween!

Last year I didn't trick-or-treat, but this year I decided to give it a try. It was awesome. Mom and Dad prepared me on what I'd need to do and what I would see. They reminded me that all the spooky stuff is just pretend.

This year I was Cookie Monster. It was a great choice because it is a cozy costume and it was a bit chilly that evening. Mom took me out first while Dad stayed back with Trent to pass out candy. The first house I went to was Mr Mason and Miss Rhonda's. I made Mom come on the porch with me but I handled ringing the doorbell and saying "trick-or-treat."  Mom took me to a few places and then I got to go out with Dad. They were surprised how long I was able to go.

One neighbor turned their house into a big monster. It had glowing eyes in the windows and teeth on the porch. Another made his porch into a pirate ship and was shooting candy with an air cannon. That was the best!

Trent didn't dress up, but don't feel bad for him. Mom had four Ha…