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Stand in the Place Where You Live

Trent progressed from rare to frequent pull to stands this week. He's also starting to do some cruising. Mommy laughed this morning because she said it was the first time she checked Trent on his video monitor and saw feet. He wants to be on the go at all times.

Mommy and Daddy have been spending a lot of time with the renovation going on in our attic. We keep going to Home Depot and Lowe's. They keep talking about boring house stuff during dinner and car rides. I get their attention back by yelling "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy..."

We went to Outback yesterday. I needed to go pee so Mommy took me. I asked her to aim for me and after I was done I asked if that was enough to put out a fire. Mommy thought that was pretty funny. Daddy and Mommy taught me what an "Austin Power's pee" is.  Mommy showed me the video chip on YouTube.

Today we went to Will and Ellie's 2nd birthday party. I enjoyed eating a hamburger, cake, and gummy worms…

Wiped It On My Tummy

What a week!

Alden went to Duke twice for allergy testing. He did great, especially considering he had to be stuck in an exam room for over two hours. The nurses and staff there are so nice. They had to wait 30 minutes for the first appointment and the receptionist apologized twice and gave them a free parking pass.

I like when we drop Alden off for school. I like crawling around and getting into stuff. I'm really good at that now. I don't want to cuddle much. I need to be on the move getting into things. I pull up to my knees. I love cords! My favorite thing is splashing in the dog water bowl. I also think toilet plungers are interesting. Don't leave me alone! I also like to play with shoes. During library story time I had fun checking out shoes.

I also like standing at things.

Alden likes playing with his lawn mower. On Saturday we went for a walk down the street. Alden mowed the lawns along the way, I sat in the double stroller by myself, and Mommy pushed us while wal…

Butt Prints for Mommy

So much has changed in a year. This was my first Mother's Day on the outside. Last year at this time I was still living in hot tub world, floating around without a care in the world. Daddy helped Alden and I make Mommy a bag with our handprints and butt prints on it. You can be so creative with puffy fabric pens.

On Saturday Mommy ran her first 10K race. She was very excited because she was able to run the whole time. She was nervous because she missed some training due to a sore hip.

Mommy thinks it is cute when she has two dudes to push in a race car shopping cart. I'm so big and strong I can sit up so well and play with the steering wheel.

I showed off a great surprise yesterday. When Mommy came to get me from nap time I was standing in my crib. Pulling to stand is awesome. Most of the time I'm just on my knees, but just give me a few weeks!

Alden is still having some number 2 issues with potty training, but he is getting better. On Friday we went to the toy store to…

Everything Old is New Again

Trent doesn't show his teeth much  when there is a camera out so Mommy hasn't been able to get a good picture. She keeps trying though. Trent turned 11 months. Before long, we will be eating his birthday cake!

Mommy went to Myrtle Beach for the weekend with some friends. This is the first time she has been away since she became a Mommy. Before that, we had only been separated while she was in the hospital to get  Trent.  While the house was a bit dirty when she came home, we are proud to report no damage was done :)

On Friday we got some of my old toys down from the attic for Trent. It was good to see my old playhouse again. It was fun splashing water to wash them all up. There's going to be some major work going on up there soon.