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One, Two, Three, FOUR!

I am four now! We went to the see the North Carolina mountains over the weekend. We did lots of Halloween stuff there, but I'll save those updates for later.

We left on Friday and stopped at Old Navy to get Trent and I new coats (in Charlotte). It was unseasonably cold  Then we got to our sleep place, Brevard.  On Saturday we did Halloween related stuff.

On Sunday we saw Miss Charlotte. She gave me some paints and clay for my birthday.  We also went to see a waterfall (my first waterfall). Then we made the long drive home. When we got home I opened my birthday gifts, ate pizza, and then I was forced into bed.

We haven't done my cake yet. I think we are going to do that tomorrow.


Grab and Go

More fun to report on. Last Monday we met our friends Evan, Nathan, Connor, and Audrey for library story time. After the story, the big kids ran around and splashed outside. Of course, my big brother was the one pulling up his shorts. He doesn't like to get wet.

I love, love, love, walking around fast, grabbing stuff, and then running around with it. There's so much to explore. Last Friday Alden had an art class. He made a clay monster face. I enjoyed grabbing the paint brushes, running out of the room, and opening the cupboard doors. Oh, and who can forget me grabbing at the paint bottles? Good times.

Yesterday we went to Marbles. I really enjoyed playing with the basketballs. I throw them and then run around. Mom thinks I'm going to be a team sports guy. Alden isn't interested in ball games.

Alden says he is going to be a firefighter when he grows up.