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Baby Its Cold Outside, No I Mean Warm

Here's some photos of things we've been up to. Besides that my big news is I have a top tooth now and a second one coming very soon (I have two bottom teeth already).

Last week we had a small snowstorm. Alden thought it was pretty big, but Mom and Dad told them it is nothing like what they've experienced. Mom took Alden sledding at the park after I was in bed. The snow was quickly gone. It is cold here today, but on Wednesday it is supposed to be 75. Climate change is crazy!


More and More Interactive

Mom and Dad are loving how I am becoming more and more interactive. I'm more interested in toys now, especially since my grabbing and sitting up skills have come so far. I use bath toys. I like to splash in the bath. I like to put everything in my mouth.

This week I started sitting in a highchair when at restaurants. Now I can make a mess of food at home and on the go!

Last night Mom and Dad kicked me out of their room. Mom was sad - no more babies in the master bedroom. I'm all alone in my own room. I didn't fit in my bassinet anymore but I do miss having my parents so close. My white noise crickets made the move with me. I have a cold and I made Mom stay with me midnight to 3 a.m. Mom said her mantra during times like that is "eventually he'll fall asleep."



Alden gets upset in the mornings that he has to go to preschool. He whines about it during breakfast.  It's really strange because when we look at the photographs of his class in action he looks like he is having fun. His teachers also say he does great.

Alden likes to retreat to "nap" when he wants comfort. He's done this when he's been left with people besides Mom and Dad. He even has a "nap" routine when he gets to school in the morning. We walk into the classroom. Mom sets down my bucket and I watch on. Mom gets out the blue beanbag. Then they pick out a book. Next Alden lays down on the beanbag and Mom tucks him in with a blanket from the classroom dolls and the book. After a few smooches we then take off. The report is Alden stays "napping" for a bit after we leave and gets up when he is ready. When he is ready he joins the class and has a grand old time.

This is quite ironic given Alden skips a nap most days! He still has to do quiet t…

7 Month Photo Shoot

Yesterday Mom dragged me to Portrait Innovations to get pictures done. I am sitting up really well on my own now so Mom thought it was about time.

Here's a sampling of me at 7 months.

PS - I am loving my doorway jumper now.


We're Back!

Sorry for being absent from blogging for so long. Christmas and New Years kept us busy. Unfortunately it takes Mom and Dad forever to upload pictures from their big camera. We do have some nice Christmas shots, but for now, here's a random assortment of  pictures from their phones.

Christmas was great and all, but both of us had nasty colds. Not to go into too much detail but let's just say our food didn't stay down well. There was a lot of laundry going down! 

/Alden and Trent