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The End of Three

Tomorrow is my 4th birthday. I have asked for a fork lift cake.

On Thursday Mommy went with Alden's class to be a chaperone for their last field trip of the school year. They went to the science museum. They just played. Mommy had to watch Alden and three other kids. Alden melted Mommy's heart. At the end, the kids lined up and started walking one way back to their bus. Mommy started walking another way back to her mini van. Alden ran from his school group to give Mommy one last hug.

Today we went to Ellie and Will's 5th birthday party. It was a super hero theme and so well done!


The Golden Pig

Mommy and Daddy came to my school and had lunch with me on Thursday. They were not impressed by the food. Mom left thinking she needs to pack for me more.

I am doing a school project on Korea. On Friday we went to a Korean restaurant so I could try the food. I thought the dumplings were ok. I enjoyed the rice.


Party and Prizes

On Saturday I went to my friend Matthew's birthday party. It was at a bounce house and so fun.


Teacher Week

This week was my first week in my new even bigger boy room. It was teacher appreciation week so I spent some time giving my old and new teachers some big hugs. I asked my new teacher, Miss Leah, why her belly was fat. She has a baby named Jack in there.  I asked her if he is wearing goggles to keep his eyes safe from the water. I have a baby in my tummy named James.

On Friday, we had Muffins with Moms in the morning to celebrate Mother's Day. Alden's class hosted a Mother's Day Tea.

On Friday night we went to carnival at Alden's school. After that we went out for Mexican. Daddy treated us to fancy strawberry drinks with cherries on top.

On Saturday we went Strawberry picking with Uncle Bob and Jennelle. After that we went to the nursery to get flowers for Mommy. We played while she planted.

On Sunday we went out so Mommy could get some of her projects done around the house.


Cherry Point

We had a great week. Last Monday was Daddy's birthday. He wanted to go to Outback for dinner. Then we went back and ate the Jello cake we baked Sunday night.

On Friday we had a field trip to park. Mom got to come by. 

On Saturday we went to New Bern. We walked around downtown. We went to the original Pepsi place. I always say that fuzzy pop is yucky, but I tried it anyway. I told Mom and Dad it wasn't so bad. After exploring downtown we went to see The Jungle Book movie. We liked but did not love it. I think Mom was thankful we weren't pressuring her for Jungle Book merchandise.

Near New Bern is a lot of businesses named Trent, because there is a Trent River there. We found a Trent auto dealer.

On Sunday we went to the air show at the Marines Cherry Point Air Base. It was awesome. We stayed all day. They had all kinds of military equipment: trucks, cargo planes, bomber, tanks, portable cannons, fighter jets (including the F22 Raptor), helicopters, fire trucks, drones, po…