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Bob Can Fix It

I'm getting over yet another cold.

Friday was a sad day for Alden. One of his favorite people, Miss Paulina, let us know Friday was her last day at school. Miss Paulina is one of the floaters.  Alden gave her a big hug and they exchanged "I love yous." Miss Paulina told Mommy she had great kids.

Uncle Bob is visiting us. I'm still a bit unsure about him. Alden has no issues with him, but I asked for Mommy the other night when he put me to bed. 

Now when I poop or pee my pants I asked for my diaper to be changed. Mommy keeps calling that "progress."


12:14 a.m.

Sleep, Snakes, and Cooking

Here are some pictures from our week!


Cookie Monsters

We made cookies with Daddy yesterday. What could be better than messes and sweets?!

The weather is getting warmer. I think spring may be coming.



I forgot to include this in my post from yesterday. When we were in San Francisco, I did my first ropes course at the zoo. I was anxious at first, but after completing the course I asked to do it again.