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White, Wonderful, Second Christmas

What a great time I've been having. I'm always busy, but this week has been especially action packed. On Wednesday Mom and I went back to Marbles Museum to play. On Thursday Mom and Dad both had off work so they took me to this place called Hopper's House to make a mess there. I got to play in a blue "moon sand" sandbox and have Dad help me dunk a basketball.

Friday was Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa Stafford, Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor came over for dinner. I got to eat in the dining room for the first time. While everyone ate their bacon wrapped pork loin, I munched away on oranges and carrots. Aunt Sue and Cousin Trevor had fun calling me "DUDE!" I was so tired by the end of the evening.

On Christmas Day we went over to Aunt Sue, Uncle Rob, and Cousin Trevor's house. I got to open lots of awesome toys there: a drum, a loud trumpet, crayons, a recycle truck, and more.  The highlight was getting my own battery powered 4 wheeler. I&…

Milestones - A Review

Greetings all. We had some rain, snow, and a bit of slipperly roads on Thursday. Mom took a snow day from work so we got an extra day to hang out.  Thankfully Dad was able to make it back from California. We visited the Children's Museum, Marbles, in Raleigh on Friday. It sure is nice to go somewhere where I can go crazy and get into everything. The house was buzzing with Christmas preparation over the rest of the weekend: baking, decorating the tree, card making, wrapping trees and bushes with lights outside (4,700 lights currently), and hanging the stockings.

Oh - and I got a cool new frog pull toy on Saturday. He hops!

I still don't like milk. I get really upset when someone tries to sneak me some. I drink drinkable yogurt instead.

Here's a progress report on some of my developmental milestones...

Walking - been doing that since 11 months. I'm getting really fast now. Especially in stores or around breakables.
Feeds Himself with Spoon - I'm working getting fed…

Ball Crawl

Hi there - I'm sorry it has been so long. The family and I have been busy. In late November Mom got sick with a cold, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and Grandma and Grandpa Stafford arrived. This month we saw our first snowfall of the season and Mom and Dad helped out with the Cary Jaycees Cary Christmas Parade. I was going to go, but it rained so I stayed home. Next year though!

On Friday Mom and I went to the science museum in Durham. I had a lot of fun pointing at the birds in the butterfly house (the butterflies themselves didn't really do it for me) and going down the slide in the toddler play area (backwards and frontwards --- all by myself!). While Mom was working the parade on Saturday I played with Grandma while Dad and Grandpa put up some Christmas lights. It's about time. A lot of our neighbors have their lights up already. Somebody even has a funky leg lamp in their window.

Mom and Dad hooked me up with a bag of balls from Target. Did you know Pack N Plays also …