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Sports Skills

We are working on sports skills in the house. Both Alden and I take gym classes now and we just started doing swimming.  Alden is old enough now to do independent classes (rather than parent/child ones). Mom is very proud of how well he is doing on his own. The only thing I didn't like about swimming is it overlapped my nap time.

Mom went back to work and I hate it. I've been crying a lot. I don't understand it. Everyone is telling me I'll get used to it.


Uh-Oh !

Trent's Cute Way Out of Anything

Pictures From the BIG ONE

Mom calls me her "kettlebell" for good reason. Here are my stats from my 1 year well visit.

Weight at birth, 8 lb 15 oz. Weight at one year, 24 lb 5 oz. (85-95% for boys)That's an increase of 172%Height at birth, 21.5"Height at one year, 30.5" (75% for boys)That's an increase of 42% As for turning one, the cake is excellent, but the vaccines are horrible! 

We also got back our pictures from my one year shoot. I've pasted some below for your enjoyment.

Also of note, Alden had his last day of the "young preschool class" last Thursday. They had a party with pictures and Italian ice. Mom got choked up. That was all Ms. Iva's fault. Mom is going back to work later this week. I'm not sure what that means for me.



Well, it happened. I turned one. Mommy is still calling me a baby not a toddler since I'm her last baby and I'm not walking. Yet!

I learned that birthdays mean SUGAR! Last week we went to some lady's house by our house and she took pictures of me in a new t-shirt and of me in a dipe eating cake. I've never been able to get that messy before and it was wonderful. We don't have the pictures back from the lady yet, but I've included a sneak peek below.

I had a party at My Gym on Saturday and I got more cake. I love cake! I LOVED the ball pit. That made me giggle. I refused to ride the swing though. I don't like those. I was really happy my little friends were able to join me.

Aunt Kat, Aunt Jenny, and Uncle Balex came to see me all the way from Pittsburgh.

My buddy John Martin also turned one. We have the same birthday. Our Mommys had adjoining rooms at the hospital.

I have my 12 month well visit tomorrow. We are excited to get my official height and weight.�…