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My 3rd Christmas

On Christmas Eve we started out with a lazy morning. Then we piled into the red car and went to brunch with Santa. It was a big buffet in a fancy room. They had a low buffet table for kids which was much appreciated. Then some loud music started and the big man himself walked in! It was very exciting. Besides Santa, they had face painting and balloon animals.

When we got home Dad went to get groceries. Mom and I baked.Then she tried to put me down for a nap.I knew they were busy getting ready so I decided to skip my nap to help. Mom loved having me handle her Christmas dishes.

In the evening, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin Trevor, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Rob came over.We had dinner and then hung around. The best part was Trevor showed me the NORAD Santa tracker.

Then came Christmas morning. I woke up grumpy and I couldn't figure out what Mom and Dad were all excited about. I wanted to watch garbage truck videos but they kept bugging me about going into the living room to see presents. So we…

Attack of the Cold Virus

Mom and I had a big adventure this week. Unfortunately we went on our adventure with nasty colds. On Wednesday we flew to Michigan. When we got there, Grandma and Grandpa picked us up. Mom lost her voice so she had to whisper my night-night stories.

Because we were full of germs we kept a low profile.  Grandma got sick with a tummy bug so she went into hiding with us.

Mom took me to one of her favorite places called Turkey Roost. She tricked me into eating turkey by telling me it was chicken.

Grandma and Grandpa gave me a tractor. Once I figure out how to steer I'll really be zipping around the neighborhood in it. I enjoyed helping Grandpa put it together by handing him tools, including my favorite, the hammer. I also loved pretending to put gas in my tractor.

On Saturday we finally felt mostly better. Mom and Grandma took me to Santa's House in Midland. His house is magic! It is full of elves, trains, nutcrackers, toys, snow, airplanes, and so much more. Mom was so proud of…

Go Bye-Bye

On Friday Paige and Maura and their Moms came over so the Moms could work on Christmas parade stuff. I didn't mean to be rude, but I wanted Mom's attention to myself that day so I told Maura's Mom to go bye-bye.

I'm working on developing enough language skills to embarrass Mom. I'm getting close. When Mom said she was going to take a shower, I said to her "get nude." When she said she was going to the bathroom I said "go poo-poo." It won't be long now before I can articulate something that will make her blush.

On Saturday Mom and Dad were busy with the parade so Grandma and Grandpa came over to hang with me. That evening we went to Outback for dinner and everyone couldn't believe how charming I was. Part of it was because I had my new Christmas snake stuffed animal. He kept biting everyone (in a friendly way).

Last night Mom and Dad took me to see some light show at someone's house. Boring. I kept saying "all done" and &q…

Lots of Preparation

Mom and Dad have been really busy around the house. Dad put lots of lights outside and Mom has been hiding on the computer working on parade stuff. Christmas sure needs a lot of preparation! They went to a Christmas party on Saturday and Grandma and Grandpa came over to hang with me.

Yesterday Mom took me shopping with her. She wanted to get some Angel Tree gifts purchased, but I found it more interesting to look for myself. I really enjoy the Sesame Street collection at Target. Sometimes I get frustrated because they don't let you take the toys out of the box at the store. Tonight I helped Mom make some cookies. In exchange for my hard labor, she let me eat one!

I discovered a way to get your parent to pay attention to you lighting fast. Sometimes I break the faucet in my kitchen. Then Dad needs to fix it with glue, a screwdriver, and a wrench. Dad was gone and Mom was hanging with me. Mom was in the potty.  I didn't want to wait for Dad to come home to help me fix the faucet…

Cashews are Evil

I did not have a good day today. I tried a new breakfast bar this morning. It had cashews in it, and shortly after eating it I did not feel good at all. I even got red bumps all over. Mom and Dad took me to a doctor's office. When we first walked in, I thought it was an "eat" place, but I soon figured it out. I screamed and tried to get out. They tried to bribe me with an Elmo sticker. I thought things were going better so I calmed down a bit, but they drew blood from me. It was awful. The rubber ducky they gave me at the end was not worth it. They are going to do some tests to see if I am allergic to tree nuts.

Things did get better at lunch. I had my favorite food, pizza, and the juice was flowing! Usually Mom and Dad cut me off when I've had too much juice.

I had a nice Thanksgiving. In the morning I helped Mom make TWO pecan pies (which I had no interest in trying, but stirring is fun!). Then we went over to Molly's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Molly is le…

Toddler Turkey Trot

Hello there! I have ANOTHER cold. My nose is running and I cough. It is not fun having back-to-back colds.

There is a lot of holiday deconstruction and construction going on around the house. Mom is busy putting away Halloween stuff. Dad has been putting some Christmas lights on the house (while it is still warm). I go outside and say profound things like "Lights Alden's house" and "blue lights on."

Mom and Dad had a "date night" on Saturday. I'm such a big influence on their lives that even on a night out they ended up at the mall looking for an Elmo shirt for me. Fortunately they were successful and I love it.

Grandma and Grandpa sent me a turkey in the mail. Mom is trying to teach me to say "gobble gobble" instead of "cock-a-doodle-do" when I see a turkey. We are going to learn about turkeys in preschool tomorrow.

Tonight we did the Jaycees Thanksgiving dinner. I was only interested in the rolls. Forget the dessert, bring o…

Sea Monsters

Thursday I had my 2 year well visit. It's never fun going to the doctor's office. First you start out in a waiting room full of cool toys. Then they take you away from the cool toys and put you in a boring room with only a few old beat up books. Just when you think the boredom will get you, you are told to go down to your dipe. Next you try to escape. Then the doctor comes in. I kept telling Mom "all done" and pointing to my clothes and saying "back on." The doctor laughed a said she at least knew I was putting words together. We found out I'm now 33" tall. I grew 3.5" inches since my last birthday.  I was diagnosed with "rock and roll hair." The visit ended with a flu shot. Ouch.

On Friday Mom and I took an art class. I was much more interested in getting into the cupboards than completing the project.

On Saturday we went with Paige and Brendan to a children's museum in Rocky Mount. It was really fun. We watched a movie called …

Knock Down Candles!

I had a rough weekend! Thursday was my birthday. Mom came home with Elmo balloons and cake. I didn't care much though. Something was just not right with me. I tried to cling to Mom to see if she could figure out what was wrong. We got the cake out. Mom and Dad sang to me and after a few minutes of trying to knock down my candle I figured out they wanted me to blow on it. I ended up tossing my cookies so we didn't do any gifts :(  I kept telling Mom and Dad "all done" hoping it would make the rotten feeling in my tummy go away.

I spent the weekend with a fever, only drinking milk and juice, sleeping, crying, and clinging to Mom. It was awful. I just wanted to feel better. I even had to miss Megan's birthday party. Mom and Dad even let me sleep in their bed on Saturday. Just like old times, I slept on Mom's rib cage. Finally on Sunday my fever broke.

When Mom and Dad ask me how old I am, I say "one" and hold up one finger. Then they say "noooo y…

Soccer and Even More Pumpkins

Hello! On Saturday we went to Cousin Trevor's soccer game. I had too much energy in me to watch much of it, but I did enjoy kicking a spare ball around. Trevor wore really cool yellow shoes.  After we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I was really mad because there was a guitar on the wall that no one would let me play. Why would you put a perfectly good guitar on the wall and not play with it?

We also spent some time in the gift shop. I tried to buy a pop gun, but I was intercepted at the checkout :( Aunt Sue did buy me a really cool mummy toy that is nice and loud. It pops up and screams "Happy Halloween!"

On Sunday Mom and Dad hosted a Jaycees Pumpkin Carving Party. I got to use markers to decorate my pumpkin. The best part was we had cupcakes and cookies. Before the party, Mom let me pick out a cool glow-in-the-dark Halloween tattoo. Elianna, Paige, and Brendan came to the party too.

Last night I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and demanded "brown milk." My nose was …

Knock Down

Hello there! On Friday I went on a playdate with Claire.  We rode our mommy-powered strollers around a lake. I enjoyed pointing out things to her, like yellow leaves. Yellow is one of my new favorite words. I love to point out yellow things, especially yellow buses. I'm getting better and better at putting multiple words together like "yellow car."

On Saturday we went out in some woods to take some pictures for my upcoming birthday. I'll share those with you after I officially turn two. 

My favorite restaurant is Baba Ganoush. It's the only place I'll eat green beans. We went there on Saturday and I danced on my chair in between bites. Mom and Dad thought it was pretty funny.

 My favorite food is bread. I enjoy it straight out of the freezer. No need to waste the time toasting it!

Mom has LOTS of Halloween decorations around the house. She even put out some for me. I do pretty good not touching her stuff. Tonight Mom took me on a stroller ride in the dark. …

Pumpkin Tourism

Hello there! Sorry I missed my post last Monday. We were just getting back from a weekend in Michigan and I was just too tired. We enjoyed catching up with our family up there, especially Uncle Baba, the boat driver. On Friday, I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so Mom and Dad could go to Detroit to eat coney dogs and go to some Halloween art show.

Since my last post, I've been to FOUR pumpkin farms. The first one we went to was Johnson's in Saginaw, MI. It is our family favorite (hands down). They had and Elmo and a Thomas Train, which are two of my favorites. It was cold the day we were there, but we were able to warm ourselves inside with cider and donuts.

Next we toured Warmbier Farms in Auburn, MI. No donuts, but they had pumpkin bowling, a bounce house, and a huge box filled with field corn to play in. We rode a horse pulled wagon through their pumpkin field. They were so much bigger than the horses in my board books.

The first pumpkin farm we went to in NC was Ganyard Hi…

My Life As The Test Subject

On Friday Mom took me to a child physiology lab Duke University. I got to play a game there with a nice lady. I had to pick one of two tools to push a toy out of a tube. The trick was one tool was floppy and wouldn't work. I didn't let that fool me. The nice lady took my picture and timed me. I quickly figured out what I had to do. I really impressed Mom and the lady. When I was done they gave me a free t-shirt.

On Saturday I went to Zander and Megan's joint birthday party. My favorite thing was trying to climb the side of the staircase. I love doing that. For some reason Mom kept pulling me away. She wasn't too happy when I kept trying to go explore their garage either.


What's in a Name?

Mom and Dad are so proud of me. I can say my name now! I say it like Aldie sometimes. I'm also really good at saying Elmo. Elmo is so cool. I'm a big fan. I like his friend Coo-coo (Cookie Monster) too. I love watching Elmo and garbage truck videos on You Tube. I share my crib with Elmo and Coo-coo, but each of us has our own blanket.

On Tuesday Mom took me to a Stretch-n-Grow gym class. I had lots of fun and I've shared some pictures below.

On Friday Mom and I went to visit Will and Ellie, our twin friends who are now 4 months old. I'm sure I impressed them with all of my toddler moves. I showed Ellie how I can put real car keys into a model car.  We went for a walk and saw  a really cool digger. Will was too hungry to be interested though. Soon enough, he'll understand just how fascinating heavy equipment is. Mom took some pictures there, but they didn't turn out very well.


Hanging With the Fam

I'm tired. I'm beat. It's time to get some zzzz's. I had another busy week. On Wednesday I had my first parent-free Miss Kelly's preschool class. I wore the awesome t-shirt Miss Sarah gave me when she came to visit. She found it at Meijers. Grandma saw her holding it, not recognizing it was her. Grandma went up to her to find out where she had found that really cool shirt and then recognized it was Sarah. They both knew it was so me. 

Over the weekend Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Kat came to visit so the house was buzzing. They brought me some really fun goodies from their Alaska trip. Grandpa had a shirt with a moose on it and I used it to help me practice saying moose. Grandma and Grandpa hung out with me Saturday night so Mom, Dad, and my Aunts could go out. The real fun is with me of course. Unfortunately we forgot to take a family picture before Aunt Jenny left.

Dad made a music video for work and I love watching it over and over again. I yell DADA …

Toddlers Celebrate Labor Day Two

I had a week and weekend of epic proportions.

Wednesday was my first day of Miss Kelly's Preschool. There are 8 of us in the class. The other kids names are James, Colin, Ryan (the boys), McKenna, Megan, Bailey, and Campbell (the girls). We are all either two or will be two before or in November. The two assistants are Miss Tina and my very own Miss Charlotte. Mom got to come to the first class, but after that it's just us toddlers with our teachers. The topic for the class was school buses. We sang school bus songs, read a school bus book, painted school buses, and ate school buses. That's right, we ate them and they were delicious! They were made of graham crackers, with yellow cream cheese, mini-Oreo wheels, and teddy graham riders. Miss Kelly knows how to serve up the toddler gourmet.

Wednesday evening I had Little Gym. Yes, the Little Gym school year has started too.

On Friday Mom and I went to the science museum with Miss Joni and Paige. I loved riding the train aga…